Tricep help.....

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  1. renegade is rite you have to switch it up
    i have a similar problem, the long head of my tris are not very pronounced. lately my routine to fix this has looked something like this

    scull crushers laying on an incline bench
    straitbar or reverse grip pressdowns
    then burn it out with over head dumbbell extensions

    but keep it mixed up like order, variation, volume, rep/set range

    good luck

  2. YES!!!!!!!!

    Finally, someone who agrees with me, and doesn't think I'm weird for doing RGCG's.
    Quote Originally Posted by datBtrue View Post
    The triceps brachii (back of upper arm) which is responsible for extending the arm at the elbow is hit directly and effectly with:
    Another good one is the french press (with EZ bar). I prefer it to the skull crusher because it delivers the MOST AMAZING stretch at the relaxed position.
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  3. dont rely on smith press,

    if you cant do free form, then maybe you need to work on stabilizers otherwise you will risk injury in the future.

    hey im not saying you guys that use smith are lesser than me or anything, no insult here. Just my opinion.

    anyways, rev bench is great, just start light and slow so you get used to it, it will feel like you are benching for the first time if you have never done it (wiggling and unstable) so go light and slow. concentrate on your tri's less of chest thats why some people use power racks to do only top half of the movement.

    you will only drop it on your face if you are a tard LOL

    T-mag i think had an article about the Barbarian brothers from the 80's (movie actors and bodybuilders) used incline rev bench,

    just play around, some tri exercises are better when performed heavy some are better light.

    also try weighted dips, not bench dips, with belt chain or db between your feet
  4. tattoopierced1
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    no clue what they are called, but i like putting a D connection on the cable machine and pulling down on it with a reverse grip, movement only at the elbow. Hard to explain, but they work wonders. Its basically like a reverse curl on the cable machine, instead of curling up, you are pressing down.
  5. vision
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    How come no one has mentioned JM Press? I also like bench dips, as much as I like regular Tricep Dips they place too much pressure on my shoulders.

  6. What's a JM Press?
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    Quote Originally Posted by thesinner View Post
    What's a JM Press?
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by vision View Post
    Ok, I've also seen it called California Press.
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