Training question from a Rookie

  1. Training question from a Rookie

    Hey everybody I'm a young guy 17 that has been working out for about 5-6 months on and off and am now getting serious about it. I joined golds gym and it really motivates me with all of the body builders. I am now 5'8 11%BF 147 (gone up from 135) I have faith in my training program so far except I have a question. I've just last week started a new intense 5 week phase and was wondering if any of you Body Building experts could give me any advice. My new plan consists of the following
    Heavy weight 6-8 reps in morning 7-9AM
    Light weight high reps 13-16 night 7-9 AM
    4-5000 calories each day
    5-6 meals a day(usually 5 due to my schedule)
    Around 400g protein with shakes before and after both workouts.
    Lot's of carbs and low fat foods.
    The supplements I am taking are
    Createine(sp) with ethyl-esther before and after the heavy weight work out in the AM
    L-arginine 3x 500g between meals throughout day
    1000mg taurine AM
    1000mg flaxseed AM
    1000mg Vitamin C
    500mg glucosamine
    2400mg calcium
    Healthy n Fit super multi vitamin pak
    Axis HT test booster 2 pills 3x daily with meals
    Triple tea metabolism boosting stuff
    Glutamin is mixed in with shakes 2g in each (cytogainer)

    My question is will the working out twice a day be too much for my body? Also I am resting 2 days a week. After the 5 weeks of twice a day I will go to once a day 15-20 reps for 2 weeks to give my joints a relief.
    It may be of some convience to know that I have a broken leg currently (calcium and glucosamine). I am only doing upper body and splitting upper body into two days. Each muscle has one day of rest.

    Thanks for any help you guys give me! This is a pretty rigorus plan to follow so please let me know if it will be producing and bad results!!


  2. One more question. The only fat I have and is due to inactivity from leg is stored in the "love handle" region. How would I get rid of this??

  3. Quote Originally Posted by MXdude153 View Post
    One more question. The only fat I have and is due to inactivity from leg is stored in the "love handle" region. How would I get rid of this??
    If your trying to bulk I think your going to have to live with the love handles for a while. I would cut out that afternoon workout, it seems like a routine that intense for a beginner will just cause overtraining.
    When I was between 17 and 20 I put on about fifty pounds by just working out 4-5 times per week using mainly compound exercises and heavy weight. I went from 165lbs to 206lbs in those three years. For supplements I stuck to just flax/fish oil, vitamins, whey protein/weight gainer formulas and creatine.
    I would suggest doing:
    Monday: Chest/abs
    Tuesday: Back/calves
    Wednesday: off
    Thursday: Shoulders/traps/calves
    Friday: Biceps/Triceps
    Saturday: Legs
    This is the best advice I can give because it worked for me but everyone is different so experiment with different routines and find what works for you.
    Good Luck man.

  4. Hey thanks a ton for the advice Colin I really appreciate you giving me some feedback I had pretty much given up on the thread.
    I like the schedule that you have and will probably do something similar once my leg is healed (broken tib/fib) as of now I can only work upper body.
    Thanks a lot for the response!

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