trainning day question

  1. trainning day question

    To get big, what is the best trainning split.

    1 on/ 1 off
    2 on / 1 off
    3 on / 1 off
    5 on / 2 off (one body part per trainning)

    And is-it best to work with antagonist muscle like(biceps-triceps, chest -back etc)?


  2. you gotta find what works best for you. there's no right or wrong training method. everybody's different. i typically train with a 2 day on, one off method, but i'm now only training 3 times a week.

    yea, it is sometimes typical to work with antagonist muscle groups, but this is not necessarily "best." again, the same argument. you can also work like with like, and work triceps w chest to get a double w/o for triceps, but you wouldnt have to work triceps as intensely.

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