Sprint workouts

  1. Sprint workouts

    Just got a quick question about sprint workouts. I have started to do sprint workouts again. My first session was on Tuesday Ran 2 fast paced 200's, 10 all out 100's and 10 all out 40's. Yesterday and today my legs have been destroyed. How often do you guys do HIT cardio or sprint workouts? I am trying to avoid overtraining.

  2. I do HIIT 2-3x/wk, but I also do not do heavy leg training. My hip flexors have been very sore and fatigued the past couple of days, so I have not wokred legs at all.
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  3. Yeah its the same area for me my flexors are screaming right now. I always do a day of heavy legs during the week. I will try to get 2 HIT sessions in this week and work my way up.

  4. 10 all out 100's AND 40's?!? That's a ****load of sprinting.

  5. I had a great sprinting workout I did last summer, I'll try to find it. I went from a 4.68 to a 4.49 in about 8 weeks I think. I know I did plyos and acceleration on sunday, Legs on wed and lite plyos and top speed on fridays.
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  6. Thats a hell of a lot of volume brother. If you are going to hit it at that kind of intensity every time, you might not be able to hit a lot of sessions.

    I'd recommend startin' it off slow, as far as frequency goes. From personal experience with sprinting, its not necessarily your muscles that can get hurt, its your feet/shins that will give first.

    Some days when you hit the track you feel springy, loose, and fast. Its on these days that I'd say to go all out. On days where you want to run, but don't feel that "pop", I'd recommend some form running, light intervals, strides, etc...

  7. Thanks for the replies, i agree i definatly think i overdid my first HIT sprint workout. I am still sore as ever today. I will try to do a lighter workout tommorow am.


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