standing curls too much swing?

  1. standing curls too much swing?

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/nomedia] thanks again

  2. didnt you already post this in another thread...

    only thing id say is your elbows are moving a good 3-5 inches. stop that. keep them at your side if you want perfect form

    movement of 1-2 inches is almost impossible not to do but 3-5 is

  3. I remember watching your 3 attempts at bicep curls. The 3rd attempt in your previous post was the best although I'd say it was only 85% correct.

    When you do bicep curls, slow down the pace. Keep your elbows pointing down so you focus the contraction purely on the bicep. Also too don't use momentum to try and pull the weight upwards, just pull it up from rest.

    If I recall correctly you were still slightly shifting your elbows around when you were pulling it up, and sorta using an 'umpf' to get the weight going. Try going a bit lighter.

  4. I find the best way is not to move the elbows at all. I can feel by bicep doing the lifting that way.

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