1. Routine

    Im 180lbs at around 5'10. Im 18 years old. I have been lifting off and on for 2 years but for the last year I have been working hard and not missing many days

    bench- 270
    squat -350
    Clean- 225

    I have been lifting-
    Monday/ Wednesday/ Friday ---Whole upper body
    Tuesday/ thursday/ saterday --- Whole lower body

    Im trying to find a way to get up to 200 pounds and get my bench max up to around 315 ( putting up 3 plates is what most people my age strive for )

    Im thinking about starting my routine as
    monday/ thursday- chest tri
    tuesday/ friday - bis back
    Wednesday/ saterday - legs should

    Any suggestions at all would be very helpful. I would like to know if supplements or steroids would be right at my age because I have been reading into both of them.
    Thank you

  2. Just say no..... Anyways your stats look pretty nice. Whats your diet look like?

  3. I take in 1.5 grams of protein for every pound so being around 180 i take in around 270
    I try to eat more food than to take in protein shakes because I heard most people can only take in 40% of the protein in a shake
    I also try to take in a lot of carbs and eat peanuts because I heard the fat they have help in natural testosterone production.
    I pretty much eat even when im not hungry but an avg day looks like

    4-6 egg whites in the morning with toast
    once i get to school another bagel with egg
    2 sandwhcihes during the day ( turkey)
    2-3 School lunches( varys day to day)
    Protien shake after work out
    small snack
    large meal home cooked meal

  4. the large home cook meal being the last meal of your day? if so what time do you normally eat it? Have you tried any supps?

  5. I just got a new schedule because school just started but it's around 7 - 8 oclock and i try to be asleep by 9
    I never really did supps because all the powders like creitine taste like **** n gave me a lot of water weight.
    I would have no problem taking a supplement but i dont no what to take besides no2 and creatine

  6. the newer creatines aren't supposed to add as much bloat might consider trying one of those, i dont have too much experience with them so i cant tell you one way or the other. But good ol' fashion creatine mono with some waxy maize pre and during your workout would definitly not hurt, and if you're into the pump try throwing in some arginine, you can just mix this **** up yourself with bulk powders to save a buck. Also might want to consider high doses of BCAA's or if your worried about the cost try some leucine around 10gs before your w/o and 5gs before bed and another 5gs in a bottle in case you wake during the night. Upon waking try taking a whey because of the fast absorption to stop the fast from sleeping, in addition to your normal breakfast. Also might want to try eating some cottage cheese and some efas (peanut butter, fish oil, flax seed oil) all of these are relatively safe cheap methods that in combination would work wonders at your age. Along with a good diet, which is hard at your age (assuming you still live at home and dont buy yoru own groceries), but you seem to be on the right track just be patient, if you feel like you peaked, switch up your routine a bit, or even take it easy for a week to recover.

  7. Thanks for all the info.. im deff gonna give the waxy maize a shot along with the other suggestions.. Its just hard because its gonna be awhile untill I can hit 315 but no one ever said it was gonna be easy

  8. EXACTLY, lift hard, eat huge, sleep long..... repeat. with the way your going now you'll hit 315 in no time.

  9. one more thing. Does the 3 day :
    Bis/ back
    Legs/ shoulder
    day off
    Sound good or does ne one recommend anything eles ?

  10. alot of people will reccommend alot of diffrent things, just do what you think will work best for you. I always switch it up every month or so.


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