Rolled ankle

  1. Rolled ankle

    Hey guys,

    I was playin some bball last night and came down on my ankle...heard two pops and called it a night. Ice and Naproxen when I got home. Elevated the foot all night long. I'm trying to keep it elevated today. Any of you have any tips to speed recovery?

    Any supps known to help accelerate tendon/ligament sprains?

  2. Cissus is your new best friend. Use it and you will be good to go in a few weeks.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. Cissus and if you're hell bent on getting better now and have the money..Oratropin.

    I just had this injury a couple months back and used the two products together and wow, fastest recovery ever. It was a class II sprain with likely tearing because like you, I heard the pop and felt a tear go up my calf. Then there was the obligatory period of extreme cursing and writhing around. lol

  4. Hey bro, cissus is a good idea, oratropin I haven't tried but have heard great things about recovery from it. As far as medicine goes. Elevate as much and possible. Make an ice bath for the ankle 2-3 times a day, leave ankle in for 15-20 minutes. With ankle in ice bath, try and make the ABC's with you toes so you ankle gets worked in all directions. Do 1 legged calf raises with toes pointed forward, inward, and outward 3x20 each, you can use a wall to brace yourself and help with the extension. Also walk on toes about 20 yards forwards and backwards, next on heals, then side ways on toes, and then on heals. All those should help to restrengthen the ankle and help with a speedy recovery. I would get a brace for the ankle to wear from now on for bball and other like activities. I did the above last spring and healed a sprained ankle to playing condition in 4 days, I hope it helps you bro, good luck.

  5. check out Active Ankle the best brace for the money
    I would wear it until everything tightens back up. It is so easy to repeat rolling it once you stretch everything out. good luck

  6. Quote Originally Posted by brass monkey View Post
    I would wear it until everything tightens back up. It is so easy to repeat rolling it once you stretch everything out. good luck
    Because once the ligament is stretched, it will never return back to the original length.

    Sprained my right ankle beginning of Summer, still feels odd at times. Twisted my left ankle last Saturday. It's healed a lot faster than my right ankle.

    I now wear Active Ankle ** ankle brace on both whenever I play basketball or go to the gym.

  7. Thanks for the info guys. I've just been trying to move it around as much as possible, doing the abc's, stretching the calf. I can put pressure on it and its healing quick, theres still quite a bit of swelling and bruising though.

    I'm going to look into the cissus. Whats up with the dosing though? I thought I read somewhere that for joints/tendons/ligaments you are suppose to take a lower dose, so more isn't good for my situation?

  8. Most dose the cissus higher to get the anabolic effect to be more pronounced, increasing the dosage will not have an effect on the healing properties of it. I would dose higher just because I like the effects from the higher dosage, but it won't really matter just for healing purposes.

  9. Ice SEVERAL times per day. My patients improve faster when they ice 3 to 4 times per day for 2 WEEKS PLUS! The reason a lot of people take so long to regain motion after an ankle sprain is that a lot of swelling persists in the joint after superficial swelling seems to have subsided. ...sometimes for MONTHS if they weren't dedicated to an icing program.

    ICE baths are the most effective and gel packs won't do didley squat. The second best way to ice is to dump about 4 or 5 trays of ice in a pillow case, dampen the pillow case, and then set it right on the skin.

    Remember: CABN. Cold, Aching, Burning, Numbness. If it's not numb in about 4-6 minutes, it's not cold enough. A total of 8-12 minutes is plenty if you're icing correctly.

  10. I've been in that spot several times and one thing that is terrific for bruises, sprains, and swelling is an Arnica gel.

    The best one I've found by far is called "Traumeel", and you get it a Whole Foods, Central Market kinda grocery stores..

    there is actually a big tube of it right now at my desk at work that ive been using..ive found nothing more potent for curing bruises, and it got me through a ton of rolled ankles for bbal...


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