calves help

  1. calves help

    hey guys, heres the deal. ive been trainging for about a year and a half consistently. at first i didnt really train calves much at all. but that changed this past summer. im trying really hard to build up my calves, and its not that i havent had any success, i just hoped i would have gained some more size in the amount of time i have been training them consistently.

    ive been training them 4 days out of my five day workout split using a combination of different exercises. my question for you guys i guess is what workout routines/exercises works best for you when trying to add size to such a stubborn muscle. advice from guys that werent particulary blessed with big calves would be awsome. thanks!

  2. calves train like every other muscle group. Once a week, 4-6 sets of 6-8 reps per set... unfortunatly it is genetic aswell. I am 6'5 and have tried an insane amount of different approaches and 5 sets of heavy 6 reps works as well as anything and takes way less time

  3. calf implants!!!!

  4. I bought this booklet many years ago on the subject: [ame=" 88054578&sr=8-1"] Maximum Calves: Health for Life: Books[/ame]

    It has good workout plans. I'll spend some time later today or tomorrow typing up the different plans and post them here, I think there are a total of 7 routines.

    I never got past the 3rd plan and got good results; the only reason why I didn't go further was lazyness...

  5. thanks silversurfer, id really appreciate that. lately ive just been doin calves 2x a week about 4-6 sets of seated calf raises and standing calf raises. seems to beworking pretty well so far, but id love to see some of the routines. thanks.

  6. Try doing 100 rep sets. Im serious, you need to shock those babies. But do that routine once a month as they are a major shock. But I do calf raises on the leg press machine, real heavy, and seated calf raises. I try to keep my reps in the 12-15 range. Ive found that I react to higher reps.

  7. about 5 months ago i started a new calves workout and it blew my calves up. i do calves once a week but i do 10 sets of 10
    seated calf raises- 10 x 10 - rest 30 seconds between sets and lower calves fully for 2 second then 1 sec up. i got the workout from a trainer and i really couldnt ever grow calves till i started this
  8. Post HFL Mass and Strength Routines: BOBO if this is not kosher please delete

    Ok, here is a very summarized table of calf exercises from the "HFL Maximum Calves" booklet. There are a total of five levels in the mass and strength category. All workouts begin with proper warmup and end with proper stretch routines. It is recommended that you do not work your calves more than three times a week. The book also recommends that you should always work calves after legs.

    LSO: legs straight, outer calf
    LSI: legs straight, inner calf
    LBO: legs bent, outer calf
    LBI: legs bent, inner calf

    Level A:
    Single Leg CR
    *LSO: 6-8 reps
    *LSI: 4-6 reps
    *LBO: 6-8 reps
    *LBI: 4-6 reps
    Seated toe pull-backs: 8-10 reps

    Level B:
    3 sets: Single Leg CR
    *LSO: 6-8 reps
    *LSI: 4-6 reps
    *LBO: 6-8 reps
    *LBI: 4-6 reps
    1 set: Seated toe pull-backs: 8-10 reps
    1 set: Foot inward rocks: 8-10 reps
    1 set: Foot outward rocks: 8-10 reps

    Level 1:
    2 sets: Single Leg CR
    *LSO: 6-8 reps
    *LSI: 4-6 reps
    *LBO: 6-8 reps
    *LBI: 4-6 reps
    2 compound sets:
    Donkey CR
    *LSO: 6-8 reps
    *LSI: 4-6 reps
    *LBO: 6-8 reps
    *LBI: 4-6 reps
    Calf rockups 20 seconds
    1 set: Seated toe pull-backs: 8-10 reps
    1 set: Foot inward rocks: 8-10 reps
    1 set: Foot outward rocks: 8-10 reps

    I'll come back and add the rest of the levels later today or tomorrow.

  9. load a heavy duty rucksack with plates, put it on your back, and do heel raises on the stairs. 5x15 or similar

  10. watch this episode of the "fit show" Its episode 30. This routine will have your calves begging for mercy!

  11. that should def. do the trick

  12. my calves get so pumped from that workout that they feel like they are going to tear through the skin. i've been applying cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks. the pump is INSANE!!! but like anything else, you've got to mix it up. I'll probably run that workout for another two weeks, then do something else...

  13. I've been training my calves really heavily for years but they won't add mass.

    I attribute it to walking over 6kms every day to and from work. I think my body has found the optimal composition for my calves and won't budge on it.

  14. i think genetics has alot to do with it. it just seems like if you overloaded them they would HAVE to adapt by adding mass.

  15. I dont normally train calves, but I did some fairly high box jumps and some plyo's and its amazing how they help with jumping apparently, they haven't been this sore in a long time.

  16. Here is a simple method to make your calves grow.

    As the calves fatigue as the set goes on you can no longer get up on your you end up really only working the lower range for the last few reps.

    The solution for stading calf raise machine is to bring the EZ curl bar over w/ you and position it so that for the last 5 or so reps you can lean on the bar to assist yourself getting to the top range.

    The solution for leg press calf/toe raise is to get the small straight bar from the tricep pushdown station and use that to push on the the foot plate for the last few reps to help get that full range of motion.


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