Well I started my jungle warfare cycle today, was anyone else really thirsty on this ****?

I tried to apply HIT type principles to my workout today, but i've got some questions if some of this is bad..

Well I did all my sets one minute of rest between sets, and 2 minutes of rest between excercises.

Now i hadnt been lifting too heavy as in 4-8 in awhile, so i didnt have a good gauge on my weight, so it went like this

Flat bb press tried to rep 225 for 8, (because i figured i'd fail on 8) Well first set I failed on 4, So i tried it again, and i failed at 9.

Now i felt unsatisfied with the first set, so i go another one and get i failed at 6.

This pattern was pretty reoccuring throughout my workout today, my question is do you need that targeted number of reps, or just until you fail?