Fat Question for Bobo

  1. Fat Question for Bobo

    Quick question. I know PWO and other times that liquid fat will not slow absorbtion of a shake since aminos are taken up in the small intestine and fats are taken up lymphatically. Now, solid fat will slow it, so will throwing say 12 almonds into the blender with my shake, have I just slowed things? That's not what I want lol. Thanks for the time.

  2. Statistically, maybe. Is it actually going to have an effect on you? No. Its splitting hairs.
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  3. OK so how is it then that fat slows it in a solid meal? No longer taken up lymphatically? Excuse my ignorance as this is new to me. But I KNOW that you are who to ask on this Or basically when does fat slow nutrient absorption, and when does it not? Sorry, I tried reading through yours and Alan Arganons thread on BB.com for the answer but I quit on page 24

  4. Its just slows down the transformation of the bolus into chyme. In other words, it takes longer to breakdown from solids into a semi-liquid mass. That's all. If its already a liquid, it bypasses this. Once a liquid, fats rise to the top.
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  5. great thanks!

  6. OK one more question. So when eating say Hamburger, is the digestion of fat and protein so independent of each other that the fat does not effect the digestion or absorption of the protein?

  7. Bobo: What if you're drinking a PWO shake while in a zero-gravity environment?

  8. When will the Bears win a SuperBowl

  9. Geez. Look I am learning this sort of thing in school right now, and to be honest bobo is who I knew to come to with this sort of a question.


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