Best Books for developing training programs?

  1. Best Books for developing training programs?

    Guys what are everyone's opinions for the best books out there for developing your own training programs?

    I have been lifting for about 17 years but feel I have gotten stagnant. I also have taken some time off from lifting but because of some achilles tendon problems my exercise is limited to stationary bike and lifting (all body parts are fine to lift for except calves while rehabing). So I am interested in putting together a performance based periodization training program to take me through until May with some good progress. Either one macro cycle till then (approx 4 mo) or 2 smaller macro cycles. I want to really focus on performance and composition changes (to develop maximum strength for body weight) rather then straight muscle growth.

    Thoughts or book suggestions would be appreciated?


  2. mass-training tactics by steve holman is a great book

  3. The only book I have is the Arnold book. I like it.
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  4. 531 Forever. Enough training programs and knowledge in their for life.
  5. Best Books for developing training programs?

    This is by far the most in depth book ive ever read regarding program design and all of the various components that go into it (eg: fatigue management, volume vs intensity, exercise selection, injury prevention, specificity, training phases, etc). I couldn't recommend it enough.
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  6. apparently everyone missed the OP posted this in...

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  7. Oops. I rarely look at post dates, just saw it on the timeline as I was scrolling through. Either way, I still recommend that book for anyone interested in the science behind training adaptation and program design.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by booneman77 View Post
    apparently everyone missed the OP posted this in...

    True, but I think we should have a thread dedicated to books on training and such. I've read most of the books mentioned here and I believe some were better than others but it is more important to have a variety of knowledge in difference aspects.

  9. The Muscle and Strength Pyramid Training by Eric Helms. Quite interesting and easy to read so you can build your own programs based on progressive overload and periodisation. It takes a lot of time and work to build and choose the correct exercises..... So I went to Shortcuts to Size of Jim Stoppani that is ready. The only other need is some modifications.


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