Shoulder Question Bobo

  1. Shoulder Question Bobo

    Bobo I was wondering if you could possibly help me out with a shoulder question.

    My shoulders (and traps) are by far my most lagging behind body part and it is really bothering me. I have been giving it some thought and was wondering if I could possibly dedicate a off day to shoulders.

    I sent you an email regarding a calorie increase so I figured this would be a good time to ask incase you could help me. What I was thinking of doing was dropping arnold presses on Friday, dedicating Saturday to shoulders and traps (which I would plan out or possibly you could offer some suggestions on your choice shoulder and trap exercises) and finally switching sundays chest w/o with mondays back workout to give me shoulders a rest and not have to do chest the day after.

    I figure youve been pretty busy (from no new clients) so I figured you may see this here first so i thought it was the best place to ask. If you want you can throw me a reply either email or just pm.

    Thanks Bobo

  2. Dedicating a day won't make much of a difference IMO. The shoulder is actually a small muscle that gets indirectly hit with chest/back and doens't need an enormous amount of sets. Its better to hit them with more frequency than just once per week.

    Forward the email you sent me because I havne't received anything.
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  3. Ok I resent my email about the bulkding updated.

    As for the shoulders I remember you saying this I am just tempted to begin shoulder W/Os because like I said there lagging so far behind and it really really bothers me (being that shoulders are such a main focal point)

    I think I may try it and see how it goes as I feel Im at the point where I can start using the techniques Ive leared and incorporate them into a routine I want to try. And if it doesnt workout then I can always go back to the other way (trial and error )

    basiclly shoulders and traps

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