Deluxe Weight Loss Plan - First impressions

  1. Deluxe Weight Loss Plan - First impressions

    Wow! This plan looks great. Worth every penny, and then some. The meals are broken down so that it's easy to follow. The workouts are laid out nicely, and everything is explained clearly and completely. He's responded quickly to every question I've had (and there have been a few). He's very professionalI really can't say enough great things about this program and Bobo! If anyone has any questions about the program (aside from asking me to give you the program) feel free to ask me. And if you're wondering if it's worth it, without a doubt, it is!

  2. Good info, I'm considering this plan after I finish up my clean bulk...

    14 more weeks.

  3. the colors are nice too arent they

  4. on the compute they are but on a colorless old school printer they arent aahah.

  5. Keep us posted on your results i'm seriously considering buying a the deluxe weightloss plan for myself.

  6. I'm sick and tired of NOT buying this program. If you count up all the cash I've spent on supps, I bet I could buy it a few times.

    As soon as Bobo has time to take on more clients (looks like I've got a while,) I'm definitely going to buy it. All of these success stories and pics just amaze me. Good luck with the program! I'll be following your success.


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