Finally ordered bobo's cutting plan, starting a log!

  1. Finally ordered bobo's cutting plan, starting a log!

    Hey guys,
    I finally ordered bobo's cutting plan and will begin as soon as i get the training and diet from him. I wont be keepin a log everyday but i may add any changes that i notice right away. I will definetly post my stats every week.

    Current stats:


    fluctuating between 196-198

    shoulder width: 51
    chest width: 43.5
    waist: 36 (id say a lot of the fat is in the belly)
    quads: 23 ( i was one of those guys that worked upper body only for awhile)
    calfs: 15
    Arms: 15.75R 15.6L

    bodyfat around 16 percent, 17 percent at theworst

    I will not be using any supplements besides whey protien and maybe an energy dirnk for my workout but other than that Im gonna try to take in every meal and give my workouts my all.

    Goals for this cut: Shed as much bodyfat as possible without losing muscle and somehow try to get my arms bigger since they seem very small. Would like to hit single digits. Eventually plan on makin a transition to bobo's muscle buildin program.

    I will have pics posted tommorrow after i get batteries for my digital.

    Wish me luck! :bb3:

  2. Good Luck, I'll be watching

  3. Good luck!

  4. pics as i promised guys
    Attached Images Attached Images     

  5. im gonna go ahead and switch my stats too since my girlfriend just measured to be more accurate:

    shoulder width: 50
    chest: 43



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