Morning Training

  1. Morning Training

    ANyone do this? I mean first thing when you wake up, to shake things up a little bit, or be it work schedules, etc. How has it worked for you? How does your diet look for the rest of the day? I was thinking of some bcaa first, then a shake about halfway though, followed by a good pro/carb meal an hour later....thoughts?

  2. are you talking about cardio or lifting?

  3. i ALWAYS DO CARDIO EMPTY, BUT i MAY NEED TO TRAIN VERY EARLY TOMORROW.....anyone ever do it?? Before their first meal? Sorry about the caps

  4. well many people train in the morning (every chance I get I train in the morning verse during the day, and with summer every lifting day will be)

    Do you have a pre workout meal that you use during the day when you lift later on? You need to eat something prior to liting in the morning man cant lift on a empty stomach (well you can but energy and strength will suffer) Just get up a little earlier and have a bagel and a protein drink or something dont just ake bcaa's Body needs fuel to burn during your workout

  5. I have been training the last 4 weeks 1st thing in the mourning i usually take a muscle milk shake and a banana on the way to the gym so i got a bit of food, but like u i train while using BCAA+glutamine+citrulline. Things have been great nothin to really complain abuot except all the old saggy boobs i have to see @ the gym cause every woman over 50 trains in the mourning, LOL

  6. been training at 5:00 a.m. for the past 2 years. Nothing but positive results for me. :dl:

  7. Been training early mornin @5:30 am for the 20 years would
    not train any other way but early morn that way you have no
    excuse not to train.


  8. I HAVE to train in the morning. I am not a morning person & I find that I am 100% more productive during the day plus, if I train anytime after 6:00 pm I don't sleep good at all. I have a very slow metabolism as well & IMO morning training helps that.


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