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  1. OCCFan023's Cut, Bulk, Cut Starting May 17

    Well I actually started this venture on May 15, but due to some restrictions with training due to tennis I didnt want to start posting results and updates in the open forum due to possible lack of results on my part rather than Bobo... But tennis is almost over (friday at the latest) so I thought that it was time enough to start my open FLA log...

    I will start updating tommorow (will be day 12) and post my 2nd weekly update on Saturday but it will be the first update in here (I will also throw my previouse weeks numbers to comapre)

    Just wanted to get the open log started...

    :dl: :squat:
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  2. Day 13

    Bad News: Well Today started off good. I felt great and went of to school and even ate meal 1 and 2 and then it hit. I started feeling like absolute garbage; got real light headed, nausius, and some muscles started twitching.

    Anyway I went to the nurse and got a temp reading of around 101.2 so I went home. I have spent the rest of the day sleeping and throwing up... I feel beyond crappy right now. I started feeling better at around 6:00 and got up for a lil but then relapsed and threw up some more. Anyway I just wanted to update and Im going to the doctor tommorow.

    God I am praying this isnt going to last long... not this early on I dont want to erase all the hardwork Ive put in over the past 13 days... I will be PIST . GOnna go back to bed and see if this bloated puky feeling goes away.


  3. Day 14

    FIrst time I got out of bed today. Throat is starting to absolutly kill. I havent eaten really anything todya and yet I feel bloated and heavier than ever.. wtf is going on.

    Im going to the doctor tommorow and probably gonna get some tests done. I have never experienced something like this before.

    Worst part about this is I had been feeling better than ever while eating and training on the program. I had more energy, slept better, and everything. Now I just feel like I got hit by a semi....

    hopefully this passes as soon as possible I dont want to loose the past two weeks of hard work, that would be very detrimental

    although I do get to just read past threads and play arcade games at am now (when I can get my ass to the computer without passing out) But its not all bad, but still need to get better!

  4. 15 AND 16

    Sorry for the lack of updates I have remained sick and Im just about ready to go insane. I have never had a case of the flu to this extent since I was probably 6. I have been sipping gatorade and eating nasty soup the past days (I have tried to eat some meals but that didnt settle well with my stomach . I am very frustrated at this point not being able to train and the worst part about it is I feel like I have regained wait by eating pratcially nothing and feel like I have lost my hard work to date.

    Even more frustrating is that I feel like this is really messing up my plan as far as updating meal plans and so on. I am hoping this **** subsides asap and that I can get back on track..

    I dont feel the need (or the desire) to post updates as I feel it will just make me angrier....

  5. Sorry to hear you are sick my NJ neighbor. Nevertheless, rest is vital. Just relax and don't think about anything else but getting well.

  6. Well I should have listened to you ronin as I tried to push myself and it didnt go to well...

    Day 17

    Well I woke up this morning and felt decently better.... So I figured that it has been long enough and I figured why not give it a go and try to get back in action and stop wasting this time.... Well today was back day and I felt I was strong enough to get through it. I ate my pre workout meal and felt good had some energy and headed off to the gym. I got there and was feel pumped to get back on track and not just sit at home anymore and started with my first exercise. I started with t-bar rows and got through them (harder than previouse ones) but I figured it was probably expected. I then went to pull ups and that is when all hell broke loose. In the middle of my first set I was in the middle of a negatie and a rush of nausia came over me... I hit the floor and had to catch the machine so I wouldnt fall over. I ran to the locker room (only after hitting another machine in my way and then just sat down in the locker room bathroom and tried to sit out the feeling. Well after a good 4 minutes of throwing up I got up called my mom and told her I couldnt drive home and that she had to come pick me up.

    Now here I am tired and feverish once again.

    I am so beyond this **** right now I dont know what else to say. I wait 3 months for when I can finally setup with Bobo (which I have been dieing to do for alot longer than that) and when I finally do get in touch and set up this happens.

    I have nothing else to say because I am at a lose for words. All I can do now at this point is keep taking vitamins, sleep, and pray for my health back.

  7. Day 18

    Today was a little better. I felt a little better again (but this time knew my limits and instead just tried to eat some of my plan food) I ate meal 1 (as it was a rest day it was a little different) and I got it down but was not hungry for a while later and didnt want to risk envoking a bathroom visit again.

    I am feeling a little better and can walk around without getting light headed. Tommorow is tris and Im hoping I will be good to go......

    GOd I hope I feel better tommorow (and im feeling its going to happen!)

  8. hope all is well. Let us know how you faired today.

  9. Dy 18

    DIET 100%!!!

    Wow it feels greta to be feeling better again. I was about to go insane ane today it ended. I woke up this morning and felt 100 times better and was able to go to school. I had all meals and even got back to lifting and cardio with no problems.

    aww what a great feeling

    I am confident I will be able to make up for lost time by Saturday or Sunday at the latest and will start posting updates again and get this bs behind me!

    thanks for the support Ronin

  10. Happy to hear you are doing well and looking forward to your updates.

  11. Thanks Ronin, feels good to be feeling better:dl:
    Day 19

    Diet 100%

    Today was legs and it was great. My gym got all new equipment (I can only imagine how much all of must have cost) Today was the first time I used straight legged deads and all I can say is that they were amzing. It was an amazing feeling in my legs or true hard work... Loving these leg workouts and am so pumped to be able to lift again! GOOD BY BEING SICK!

    O yea i just ordered (And got it cleared by Bobo) some GF Pro and Xtend... I dont know how I am going to dose it but will figure that out when it arrives. Im excited to introduce Xpand into my lifting and the GF Pro for post workout (and maybe pre Im not sure due to $)... Should arrive by next monday or tuesday
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  12. What is the GF Pro and Xpand?

  13. hope things are going better for you, good luck on your cut i hear nothing but good about bobo and his programs.

  14. GF pro is a whey proetin isolate, and sorry I meant Xtend before NOT Xpand (Xtend is a scivation product of Aminos)

    thanks gifted Im glad to be back on track finally. Bobo's program has been great thus far and Im very excited to continue on (and eventually to the bulk!)

  15. Thanks OCC.... I take Xtend as well, great product. Keep it up man!

  16. Day 20

    Diet 95%
    I was only able to get 1 cup of brocolli in today out of the 3 im suppose to. I ran out and was unable to get to the store so will do so tommorow.

    Legs were extremly sore today and made school a interesting task (lots of stairs :squat: ) but it felt so damn good

    Tommorow is going to be hard. I wont be able to do my 45 min of cardio in mornign due to SATs so I will have to eat go to SATs then run later (so it will be like 3-4hours after eating that I run) then its off to a states doubles thing...

  17. Best of luck on the SATs tomorrow!

  18. Day 20

    Diett 100% had a cheat meal today. I didnt plan on one because I just got back in but I was a weak mofo so I had a pure protein bar and some muscle milk. O well made my legs feel much better (which were still sore from thursday lol)


    Weight: 185.4 yet I look leaner than last time I weighed in so . When I weighed in the day I got back I was 187 but it probably was water so up maybe in LBM

    Im going to apologize because I didnt have time to take measurments because I had the SATS this morning. I will take measurments tommorow (only if I weigh in close to 185.4 so its not skewed, well my waist atleast....)

    tommorow I have my first round for tennis (got rained out today) so chest will be morning and tennis later (extra HIIT style cardio for todays cheat I guess you could say )

  19. Day 21

    Diet 100%

    Chest was awsome today felt added strength.


    Weight: 185.4
    Waist: 36.5 (-.5in)
    Arms: R- 13 1/4 in (+1/4) L- 13 1/8in (+1/8)
    Chest: 39 3/4 in (+1/4 in)
    Upper Legs: R- 23 1/2in (+1/8in) L-23 in (+7/8 but may have something to do with where I measured, hard to do it exact)
    Calves: R- 15in (+1/8) L-14 7/8in

    My chest and shoulders are really leaning out and are starting to look great. Lower back, stomach, rear, and upper legs are trouble spots but they will be gone soon enough:bb3:

    overall great week. Strength is up (damn that says alot, probably because on my diets I went way to low on cals) Feeling great and hoping to get another week out of this diet (Ill see how it goes but it apperes to still be doing the trick with a big recomp (+1lbs and -1/2 to 3/4 on waist= )

    This is my last week of school so eating and traning is going to be getting alot easier which is awsome as well.

    On a side note won today for states doubles play again tommorow (round 2-3) so back will be done in morning, tennis later! I played out of my mind today and it was the first time I ever lifted prior to a match.. coralation??

  20. Day 22

    Diet 100%

    Back Today and it felt great. Got to the gym around 7 and it was greta training in the morning, I cant wait to start training around that time daily during summer.

  21. Day 23

    Diet 100%

    Off Day. Felt very tired today just from waking up extra early to run before school, only 2 more days of school though!

  22. Day 24

    Diet 95%
    Had a little too much chicken today ( was hungry so I had a couple extra ounces after workout)

    Today went well. Tris is the longest work out day so its behind me and tommorows is legs

  23. Day 25

    Diet 100%

    Legs today. It went well and I felt great. Instead of a bagel I had 3oz of barilla plus pasta and it was damn tasty.

    school ended today so I will begin training in the morning soon and will have alot more time to relax as well now.

  24. Day 26

    Diet 75%
    I had my cheat one day early this week. However I made the "executive decision" and decided this will be my last cheat on the plan. I have a little over a month left on the plan (if im counting correctly) and Im going to make the last weeks pure and maybe a week or two added on afer to get to 10%. Once I reach my goals I will be switching to a bulk program (if room permits) and I figure f cheats and go clean from now until then. So good bye cheats

    Other than that today was bis and after words I went outside to get ride of my nasty tennis farmers tan and got a nasty sun burn <me with a tritan thing right now...

  25. I think that is a good choice. I guess some people highly recommend having one cheat a week for sanity but I am lucky not to have certain cravings and am very consistant with my dieting. 1 month to go OCC! Keep it up man

    BTW, what was your recent weigh ins.... I see 5.21 as the last day?


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