new man to the group

  1. new man to the group

    Well I start with Bobo's plan on Sunday. I can't wait. Little scared because of my wonderful F90&ing job (different times and work loads) that I can get all the meals in but I hope that won't be the case. Also loose the wieght to join the fire academy.

  2. Good Luck!! Look forward to the results.

  3. good luck with your program, stick to what the man tells you and you'll definatley end up a satisfied customer. Also, most of the meals can be prepared the night before or in the morning and taken with you during the day, theres not much cooking etc to worry about

  4. well i start tomorrow on bobo's plan. thanks for the support guys.

  5. well it has been three weeks on the plan.
    starting weight 252, (if the scale is right) 232
    waist starting 45 1/2 , now 43 3/4
    chest (i have b%$ch tits) 49, now 48
    left arm 16, now 16 1/2
    left arm flexed 17 1/2, now 18 1/4
    right arm 17, now 17
    right arm flexed 18, now 18 3/4
    right thigh 25 1/4, now 24
    left thigh 24, now 24
    left calf 16.5, now 16
    right cal 16.5 now 16

    I know some one is going to ask on bf%, I don't have any idea but I will say I am very chubby.
    all in all enjoying it very much. 9 more weeks to go we shall see. Hopefully I will see the change in the mirror, which at this point I can't but there is still plenty of time to go.



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