DSL's review

  1. DSL's review

    I have been putting this off for too long, but here is my official review of both the Cutting and Bulking plans.

    Cutting Plan:

    I started this plan in August of 2005 weighing 187 and I honestly thought that I might be able to lose 1.5 lbs per week. I was shocked when I wasn't really losing any weight but my pants were beginning to fall off! Here is what my weight loss looks like:

    weight- 187
    height- 6'0
    bf- about 20%

    Start: 187.0 lbs
    Week 1: 187.5
    Week 2: 186.5
    Week 3: 184.0
    Week 4: 183.0
    Week 5: 183.5
    Week 6: 181.0
    Week 7: 181.0
    Week 8: 180 **end of program

    **I have to note that I went for an additional month, but my head wasn't in it (cheating, skipping the gym, etc.) and I didn't really have any results.

    Overall, I really like the diet. Bobo catered to what I wanted as far as foods and I think that can make or break a diet since you will be more apt to follow the plan w/ foods you like. I personally love the monotony of the diet an for me it's enough variation, but some may get bored. All I can say to them is get over it!!! You are dieting for a specific purpose, so tough titty!!! Furthermore, you have to follow the diet or else it's pointless, but eventually you can start subbing different foods in. And for those who have to have a cheat meal, there is actually a scheduled cheat meal so you can take your significant other out to dinner...lol.

    The exercise aspect was completely different than what I was used to (tut-based obviously); however, I really like the way that it feels. The workout log is very detailed and outlined for a 2 week period that you just repeat and I never truly stalled by doing the same routine for almost 5 months, but strength did slow a little.

    However, I do think that Bobo could stand to clarify a few things in his packet such as what certian abbreviations mean and how he expects you to set up the weight used (btw, use as much as you can for every set without failing, so the weight may drop with successive sets).

    Bulking Plan:

    I started this plan at the beginning of January of '06 weighing 182.

    Here are my measurements:

    bicep-14.96 (flexed)
    thigh-23.3 (at buttocks crease)

    bicep-15.24 (flexed)
    thigh-23.5 (at buttocks crease)

    I unfortunately became sick for a whole week during this plan. Thankfully, Bobo doesn't count this time as part of the plan, which I find very admirable!!, so I extended another week than originally planned.

    The bulking diet had me so amazingly full for the first few weeks that I wanted to puke after several meals. Thankfully my body became acclimated to all of the cals and I eventually was hungry while waiting for my next meal.

    Another aspect of Bobo that I admire is that he isn't a selfish prick out to just make money. For instance, a couple of weeks before my time was up he gave me a completely new diet and exercise routine. He could have easily let it slide and I would have had to pay to go for another month to get that stuff.

    I can't think of too much that I didn't like about the bulking program, I mean I had plenty of food so I wasn't hungry, I was growing in size and my waiste size actually went down for a few weeks until I got sick. I can't think of anything at the moment actually...lol.

    Here are a few pics. The first is Aug 05 (187 lbs), then after the cut Dec 05 (178 lbs), then middle of bulk Jan 06 (185 lbs), finally after the bulk April 06 (188 lbs).

    If anyone has any questions, just feel free to ask.
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  2. Damn bro HUGE differences. Congrats and keep it up!!!

  3. NICELY done!

    i looked at your first and last pic side by side.....thats good stuff.

  4. that's awesome dsl. awesome work. i can't wait to get onto a program with bobo. just waiting for the funds...
    "A Native American elder once described his own inner struggles in this manner: Inside of me there are two dogs. One of the dogs is mean and evil. The other dog is good. The mean dog fights the good dog all the time. When asked which dog wins, he reflected for a moment and replied, The one I feed the most." -George Bernard Shaw

  5. Damn nice improvements. Maybe one day I'll sign up with the Bo Bo

  6. Great results bro, even your hairdo(sp?) improved LOL. BTW, good to see you weren't discouraged by the scale reading, that's not always the best indicator of quality results

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    BTW, good to see you weren't discouraged by the scale reading, that's not always the best indicator of quality results

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Iron Warrior
    Great results bro, even your hairdo(sp?) improved LOL.

    watch it bub...lol. I'll grow my hair out again and mail you the ponytail.

    Yeah, I thinks its funny how my weight has actually only changed by one whole pound since last august.

    And thanks for the kind words fellas!


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