Obliques ??? ( Spelling )

  1. Obliques ??? ( Spelling )

    I have been training hard for the last two to three months now.. I did a cycle of Superdrol and my weight was 158 to 162.. After the superdrol, I weighed 173 to 175.. I have never weighed this much before.. I was also taking whey protein, and eating whatever I wanted to gain the weight that I had been wanting to put on.. I am also 5'11" tall...
    Before I start the Superdrol, My love handles, or obliques if thats how it is spelled were starting to get fat... Actually started to see dimples ( Gross ) anyway.. I am currently running my PCT of Nolva na d Retain and still taking my protein and milk thistle and multi vitamin... But after the SD cycle, and now, I now have more fat gathering around this area... I do not like it... While working out, I really get my heart rate up, and sweat while lifting, but I do not do any cardio like running.. ( I hate running ) .. So my question to all of you is .... Would some of you care to give me some advise on how to clean this area up... I only lift here at my house in my garage.. I have the bench press, bar bells, and dumbells, and a pull down machine.. What can I do to get rid of this... I have always been a skinny guy, and never really had much fat.. even at 38 yrs old... But it was starting before I took the SD, and now it is worse.. But.... I am actually happy with my weight and I like the way I have bulked up... But I am not a big fat fan... I have been doing crunches and twisting as I am going up and down and have been doing side bends with my dumbells but no luck..
    I am not much of a nutritionist either.. I have alway eaten whatever I wanted and never gained weight.. Guess I may have to either start running or being more careful of what I eat.. So anyway, If you can make any sence out of this, I would appreicate any help any of you can give me..

    Sorry for the long winded post... And the poor spelling... Gotta get back out in the garage and finish my workout now..

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Stinger124
    I have been doing crunches and twisting as I am going up and down and have been doing side bends with my dumbells but no luck..
    I am not much of a nutritionist either.. I have alway eaten whatever I wanted and never gained weight..
    Essentially by doing that you are hoping to spot reduce fat, let me tell you, it is not going to happen. You put on fat there because you didn't have a good diet and males are susceptible to put on fat there, just the way it is. You need to clean up your diet, and diet down. I take it that is the first place you put on fat, and it is the last place it will come off...And no offense but this is the reason why you shouldn't outright bulk unless you gots a plan to take it off after...And I'm pretty sure this is in the wrong forum..Your problem is with nutrition, not exercise...So yeah, maybe delete this and read up on some dieting techniques, and then ask some diet questions after..Good luck

  3. Ok, I will delete it or move it... But during my searching and question asking, I was told since I could not gain weight, I was told to go crazy and eat what I wanted.. I knew once I did some bulking, I would have to trim some weight... To get the shape I would be looking for.. I have been lifting since I was a teenager, and I am pretty sure there are some lifting techinques that will target this area.. Just do not remember which ones.. I think I am on the right track with the two that I have been doing... But was curious if there might be something else I could do.. Like I said, I knew I would have to do something for cutting diet wise.. But I posted in here because I was looking for any kind of training that I could do..
    So if you know of anything I would appreicate that ..

  4. Man, I am going to tell you, and you can believe me, or not believe me. Spot reduction IS NOT POSSIBLE. Let's say you have a patch of fat on your arm. Curling isn't going to make that patch go away, conversely doing side curls, side bends, w/e isn't going to make a patch of fat on your obliques go away. If you are gonna outright bulk, then do that, but be prepared for the fat you are gonna put on and the work neccessary to take it off. If you aren't willing to do that, lean bulk and don't put on fat..Either way, your problem/solution lies in nutrition anyway..So giddy up and read the nutrition forum..lol

  5. Mullet... I am not arguing with what you say.. I am like you.. I do not think you can do spot reduction either... And yes, I will be reading on the nutrition area like you mentioned...
    I was looking for another way to spot train that area.. But, My wife just came in from her workout class, and gave me a great idea... One that I have never used, and it really isolated the area, which is what I was looking for... Now, I need to do as you said, and clean up my eating habits... And trust me.. On my next cycle, I will eat alot leaner , and alot more healthier that I did this time.... But this was a success for me weather I gained fat or not.. I have never been able to put on weight before, even when I played football in College and when I was taking D-Ball and test... It flat out did not work.. My matabolism was very very high..And I am sure I was not eatting right either at that time. And now that I have gotten older, I now see that I can finally gain weight... But , I will be smarter on my next cycle... Like I said.. I understand what you are saying about trying to spot lose fat... But, I think you will agree with me... It does not hurt to isolate the area that you are trying to work on either.. Ok... Once again... Thanks for your imput and help ... I appreicate it... Now, I will spend the rest of my PCT cycle in the Nutrition area..... Thanks again...

  6. Stinger you are missing the point. If you train your obliques and they get bigger, they are just going to push the fat farther out and make it more noticable. Training the area isn't going to do anything to make them look smaller, it's going to do the opposite

  7. Awwwwwwww, Now I think I am understanding what you are both talking about.... I am sorry that I did not understand what you were talking about... So, I need to cleanup my eating habits and get that crap off, then work on the obliques... Right ??? Sorry I am asking these questions, but I do appreicate your time to help me... My obliques are definitly not what they use to be, and lord knows they need a good workout... Let me ask this.. If I start running, and I clean up my eating right, this should really help that area .. Am I right ??

    Thank you again..

  8. Stinger, although your intentions are good I think you need to work on some of the more basic concepts of bb'ing...By soley concentrating on that area you are setting yourself up for failure, just look at the big picture, shore up your diet and that area will take care of itself as you burn fat all over...Like I said, you put it there first, so it will be the last place to come off, that is just the way she is...

  9. I am still doing a full workout... Just did not know if there was anything else I could do to help work on that area... I will be the first to say hat I need help with BB'ing .. I am learing from all the good people and post that I read here on a daily basis..
    But I do understand what you two have been preaching to me... And I do agree that .. That is where the only fat on my body is... It seems that is the place most males get it at..
    I will start reading more on nutrition tomorrow after I get off work.. I have alot to learn about nutrition as well as bb'ing..

    Thanks again for your time and help..

  10. Abs aren't about the work you do in the gym so much as the work you do in the kitchen. Mullet and Dogg have given you what you need to know. I hate using this example, but it makes a point; one that you need to ponder. Do POW have abs showing because they sit around doing crunches and cardio all day or because they have little body fat due to the caloric restriction imposed upon them by their captures...?

    Unless you are genetically gifted, you need to watch your diet into your 30s and beyond - even when using a good partitioning agent like SD. Read all you can on nutrition and supplementation. It is the next step in your progression.

  11. All points taken...

  12. I might suggest that if you hate running, don't run. Bike, swim, use the stair climber/stepper, eliptical machine or whatever you will/can do to get your heart rate up. By doing something you can stand-as opposed to something you hate, like running- you are more apt to stick w/ it, and succeed.


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