Bobo's New Test Subject -

Bobo's New Test Subject

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    Bobo's New Test Subject

    Hello everyone, I signed up with Mr. Bo for his 8 week delux weight loss program. Some of you that know me, know that at one point of my life i was 300+ pounds then quickly dropped down to an unhealthy 180. I am currently 210 pound 6ft2 mesomorph and wish to drop some fat, tighten up. I expressed to Bobo that i would like to be back down to 190ish but a 190 with less fat than before. I hope it can be done, i guess it is all up to me... the reality is, i am not worried about the scale; rather, the mirror.

    I will update this after i get my plan from Bobo E Christ. .. 'til then, may the norris be with you

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    It can be done, ull be suprised.

    GL man

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