heading to gym, how's this chest wo look?

  1. heading to gym, how's this chest wo look?

    hey guys. heading out the door in about 30 minutes, gonna try a new chest workout today. what do you guys think? weights will all be relatively heavy.
    4x8,6,6,4 decline bench
    3x6 flat db press
    2x First Choose a weight in which you reach failure at approximately 8 reps. Follow this with one rest pause. You should rest long enough to allow yourself to get 3-4 extra repetitions. As soon as you reach failure strip the weight down to a point in which you can get approximately 6 more repetitions. Follow this again by a rest pause that allows you to eek out a few extra repetitions
    2x8 weighted dips
    2x12,10 incline flys
    should i do dips or flyes first? is this too much? thanks.

  2. Personally, I would superset the dips with your flat db, I think that is an awesome superset, and leave that dropset for your last exercise so you do not exhaust your muscles with the flys..Besides that it looks good if you are going for hypertrophy

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