Training Music?

  1. Training Music?

    Figured this would be a good place for this. I was just wondering what is everyones favorite music to train to? I personally prefer Disturbed, Godsmack, Pantera...any "angry" music. Music helps keep me pumped up psychologically as well as it keeps the newbies from coming up to me in the middle of a set and yackin'

    Just looking for all of your personal favorites....


  2. sevendust, ever heard soilwork? not bad...

  3. prodigy
    limp bizkit

  4. I listen to love songs, LOL.

  5. There are so many threads on this already, just search a bit

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by ManBeast
    There are so many threads on this already, just search a bit

    agreed, there's at least one every quarter.

  7. I like avenged seven fold, disturbed, alkaline trio, and also rap. Rap lets me concentrate because it more mellow and allows me to channel my energy and focus on the weight and less on getting crazy and balistic and wasting energy. I feel that when I get too hyped up my form isnt as good and I tired out faster than if I get into the midset and train my A$$ off.

  8. oh... we're talking HARDCORE jammage. i'd have to vote for air supply, captain & tennille, hanson,...

  9. pantera, slayer, and slipknot is all i need. maybe a little static x or mudvayne once ina while. for a mix up ill play some tunes from the rocky movies. i always get **** for this, but it is motivational to me.

  10. Try some Bullet for My Valentine, Underoath, Pennywise, Coheed Cambria.

  11. pantera, killswitch engage, drowning pool, slipknot, hatebreed, disturbed, sevendust, white zombie

  12. Tool, Alice in Chains

  13. Quote Originally Posted by feelingfizzy
    limp bizkit

    A-men. This one tune by prodigy - Diesel Power - Gets me really charged. That and other stuff like chemical brothers, groove amarda, massive attack etc...

  14. NIN and Manson

  15. i like to throw in some hip-hop if i'm a good mood- but def. stick to the hard rock, i.e. disturbed, mudvayne, etc.

    i usually put on something fast-paced when doing cardio, keeps me moving!
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  16. I stick to the hip-hop... On occasion i'll listen to hard rock, but mostly hip-hop. Nothing like listening to Young Jeezy aka the Snowman while lifting. Thug Motivation 101...


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