the superset...

  1. the superset...

    I thought it would be fun if we made a thread where everybody lists some of there favorite exercises to superset together. I usually throw in at least one superset in my workout, and have grown accustomed to quite a few different combinations, but i'm always looking for something new to shock the muscles.

    I'll start with one

    Arnold presses supersetted with regular DB presses

  2. heres a few more:

    Water pour front raises, supersetted with front DB raises, supersetted with side lat raises

    I guess that's a giant set, but that will give you a good burn, guaranteed

    Preacher curl supersetted with seated DB curls

    Overhead tricep extensions supersetted with cable pulldowns

    Front plate raises supersetted with seated front DB raises

  3. Wide grip pulldowns with rev. close grip pulldowns

    Running the rack for any DB movement

  4. Barbell Flat Bench + Bent Over Row

    Hack Squat + Leg Press

    Back Squat + Front Squat + Bench Row (<--That's a killer!)

    Squat + SLDL's

    Standing EZ Bar Curl + Lying Tricep Extension

    Leg Extension + Hamstring Curl

    Deadlifts + Wide Grip Chins

    High Cable Double Bicep Curl + Rope Pressdown

    Lat Pull + Lat Press Down

    Reverse Grip Chins + Parallel Bar Dips


  5. Incline Bench + Dumbell Fly

    Close Grip Bench + Tricep Rope

    And forearm bar(both directions) across a bench until you can`t hold the bar

  6. Trap Bar deads + Cyclist Squats
    BO Row + Seated cable row w/V Bar
    Leg Curl + SLDL
    EZ Bar Preacher + BB Curl + Incline Hammer Curls
    Clean and Press

  7. Hammers--Seated DB's-Overhead Tri's--Wicked last set
    High Peak's--Reverse One Arm Tri's
    Lat Pulls--Incline DB Press
    Reverse Grip EZ's--Tri Extensions

  8. leg press (feet low and together)/leg press (feet low and 8" apart)/leg press (feet high and wide)----hack squat (feet wide and toes out)----sissy squats

    "Trail of Tears" Front raises (run the rack)-----side laterals (run the rack)

  9. Db front raises w/ db lat raises w/ bent over db lat raises w/ db milt... we called it shoulder complex in high school.

  10. That would be a gooder, except just not for me..I am recovering from a labral injury and my shoulder would probably tear completely off

  11. Here's another one - hanging leg raises + cable crunches for abs. My favorite!


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