jay3625 cutting with bobo log started 1/16/2006

  1. jay3625 cutting with bobo log started 1/16/2006

    Signed up with bobo last week. When I got the packet, it was very professional and well put together. He answers your questions fast and explains it well. Even though it has only been one day the meal plan is easy to follow, I enjoy the meals. It dosen't feel like you are on a diet. So far I start getting hungry about an hour before the next meal. I try to space them 3 hrs. apart, and Im used to eating this much food. So far the workouts aren't bad. It has really got me back to concentrating on each rep. When I got the packet i did the workouts last week so I would know exactly what weight to start at this week. So far i am impressed and can't wait to see the results after 8 weeks.

    Starting weight: 212
    Height: 5' 10"
    BF%: between 15 -17%
    will get measurement up later

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  3. I will have to keep track of this log, and watch your progress little brother. Good Luck!
  4. update

    starting weight: 212
    week 2 beginning weight: 210

    only lost two pounds but it feels like everything is starting tighten up. had comments made that it already looks like i lost weight in my face. So far the meal plan is still easy to follow. Ive gotten were I enjoy the meals, and when I ate my one cheat meal i would almost rather had my other food, don't get me wrong i enjoyed it but i felt like i was doing something wrong.

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