I need some advice on my upcoming routine!

  1. I need some advice on my upcoming routine!

    Hey guys,

    STATS: 5-10, 5yrs bodybuilding experience, 170llbs, 13%BF.

    Im going to be doing an SD cycle 10/20/20 and just want to get some opinions on what would be the best way to work out and build the best gains while on AAS. MY current routine is 5 days on.. 2 days off.

    Mon- Chest
    Tues - Legs
    Wed - Bi and Tris
    Thurs - Shoulders and calves
    Fri - Back

    sat and sun off.

    I have been doing alot of research on workouts while on SD and AAS and it seems to me that my body will recover quicker so i want to try and hit each body part 2 times a week..

    What are your thoughts.

    My workouts are very intenses.. 4 exercises per body part, 3 sets each, 6-10 reps, always pyramiding up.

    I would appreciate any advice and explination why you reccomend what your saying for my current routine..

    Fire away!

  2. I think your workout split looks fine if that is what you are used to. Just be careful about working each body part twice each week. I wouldn't kill yourself the second time around if you do. I have however done an extra 3-4 sets of 10-12 reps to promote extra blood flow hypertrophy to my lagging body parts for second workouts and it has helped me but I probably wouldn't have 2 hard workouts.

    I have never used SD, but I can say that my experience with AAS says that you can still overtrain while on it. I know you want to maximize your results but overtraining won't help.
    Nutrition and rest will be the most important thing.

    Oh, I also noticed that you are working your shoulders 3 out of 5 days cuz you work them on Thursday directly and then indirectly on Friday with back and then on Monday again with chest. ( if you do heavy incline presses and the like). If you want big shoulders don't overtrain them either cuz they can take a beating all week long.

    Just eat right and a lot. I promise it will be the most important thing you do.

  3. thanks for the info energy...

    ill take all of it in consideration..
  4. Best Way?

    This kinda question has bothered me since 5 minutes before the beginning of time.

    If we agree that the training itself has an anabolic effect but that we need to avoid overtraining, what is the best balance?

    Described here is the currently popular routine of working a bodypart with intensity and volume but only one time per week. Would it induce more growth if you worked it 2 or even 3 times per week by reducing intensity or volume or both?

    If we say the workout is sorta telling the muscle to grow, it almost seems like "reminding" the muscle to grow that 2nd and maybe 3rd time per week would work better - as long as you compensate by reducing the sets and/or the intensity of effort.


  5. Gross,

    I think it depends on your overall conditioning and ability to adapt. When I first started lifting I used to lift each part twice per week with good intensity both times because of the adaptation of being a new lifter. So I didn't overtrain cuz I was adpating so quickly. But now I only need to work each part once with moderate volume but it must be intense. More is not better for me at this point. (I have been lifting for 10 years).

    So what I am saying is yes, you could work each part twice without overtraining if you compensate by reducing sets, reps, intensity, etc. like you said.

    Like if did my back on Tuesday, I used to do a "recovery workout" on Saturday where I would do an extra 3-4 sets of 12-15 reps of lat pulldowns along with abs and some prehab work and this really helped by flushing extra blood into my lats and my back really improved even by doing low intensity stuff like that.

    So you could start out with light stuff and add more exercise and such during second workouts as you increase your conditioning and ability to recover.

  6. Heres my advice and take it and do what you will with it.
    Why are you going to use?
    You say you have 5 yrs experience, yet you still only weigh 170?
    Seems to me you need to sort out some other things (like diet especially) before you even think of getting involved with gear.
    This is not a flame, so please dont take it that way. I have no problem with anyone doing what ever they like, but to get the most out of any cycle, everything else needs to be nailed down solid.
    I just dont think you have the basics down yet.
    Good luck either way!


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