Alright guys I need some big time help here.. stuck..

  1. Alright guys I need some big time help here.. stuck..

    Okay I have hit an all time low. I havent worked out my legs in like 12 weeks due to a ****ty hip injury (long story). However in the process I have lost 18 lbs!!!!! The problem is that even when I workout my upper body and keep the cals up I can't seem to gain weight or even maintain the upper body. I was curious about what I should do to maybe fix this short term of course. I am hoping to start squatting light mid january.

    I am currently working out 3-4 days a week, basically 1-2 muscle groups a day. Trying to keep volume somewhat lower, however, because I have atrophied so bad.

    As some of you guys know it is imperative I keep my strength and some size because spring football here at FSU starts mid feb to early march. I HAVE to do god this spring. I honestly feel that if I hadn't gotten hurt and lost basically everything in my legs I could be a huge force in spring. Once I get my leg workouts back I will have no problem gaining weight, I will revert back to what has always worked. I just can't figure this out. None of my clothes friggin fit!


  2. Haha cmon guys do it for FSU!

    Bobo help a brotha out here lol.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by LakeMountD
    Haha cmon guys do it for FSU!

    Bobo help a brotha out here lol.
    Im a very big gator fan, but i hate to see a bro down and in the dumps and i love football so what the hell! I dont have any real advice, just start light.

    Heres a bump tho for ya.
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  4. LakeMountD,

    I used to play cornerback in college so I understand your situation. By the way, did you have surgery cuz that is a lot of weight to loose.
    Anyways, I usually lost a few pounds when ever I had a leg injury because I'm sure you know that when you lift your legs you release a lot of good hormones that promote size and strenght in your entire body. Your strength in your upper body is hard to maintain probably because of that. I always had my best size and strength when I worked out my legs hard.

    But I would certainly keep my cals up for spring to maintain what you have now and maybe get you a little bigger. Maybe try some supps like creatine. I don't if you are using it now or if you like to take it, but I never had any problems with it during football. I think you would be ok cuz spring football is only one month.
    Just keep rehabing and training. You will get back. but I think the best thing that will help is probably just lifting you legs heavy again and getting your size back in them.

  5. Naw I didn't have surgery and don't need to. I lost that much weight becuase I havent squatted in over 3 months. SUCKS! Yeah I have taken CEE for some time now.

  6. Well good luck. I guess the only thing that will put that kind of size back on you is getting your legs back to the way they were. But I would imagine that you could gain your weight back in ruffly the same time it took you to loose it if your hip is ok now.

    But I know it sucks cuz its spring time and you want to make and impact. Just be patient and keep your head up.

  7. so you haven't squatted.....what about presses or anything else?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by LakeMountD
    Haha cmon guys do it for FSU!

    Bobo help a brotha out here lol.
    email me bitch
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  9. Bump for Lake Mont. Any way you can do leg extensions and curls. Not the best but better than nothing.

    Keep the faith bro.

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