After Football Workout?

  1. After Football Workout?

    Hey all. For those of you who have played football, you know what occurrs during football season to your body. Mine is in that current beat down, soft state. This leads me to two questions: 1. How long should I take before jumping into intense weight training again? 2. I have some excess body fat I would like to get ride of, but also feel as if my muscles have deflated over the season. Should I look to cut that excess fat before I start bulking again, or work to get myself back to where I was muscle wise before worrying about that?

  2. I played 4 years of high school football, but based on your age, I'm inferring you're playing college ball right now.... If this is the case, doesn't your school have a strength/conditioning coach you could ask? I'd think he'd be best able to give you advice since he'd be able to best assess your current fitness level. (For example, you could get one answer if you're considered undersized for your position, but you could get the opposite answer if you simply got too soft during the season.)

    Just curious--what position do you play, and what's your current bf?

  3. Yes, I do play college ball, and yes, you would think our school would have a S&C coach, but no, we don't. (I'm a bit bitter about that if you couldn't tell). My problem is not my goals or being undersized, I don't have any problem coming into camp in good shape. My question is simply regarding timing. My body fat his too high for what I would like it to be in terms of image, not in terms of football. This question is more related to how a normal person would do this rather than a football player. I'm mainly wondering if it is the general rule to shed body fat first, then lift, or to get really big, then shed the fat. I also have lost quite a bit of muscle since the season started due to a broken hand that I couldn't lift with, so muscle memory should help me out with gaining some size.

  4. El Matarife,

    I played college ball and I was always beat down myself at the end of the season as far as strength and size and energy go because you are so overtrained by that point. But about your questions I wouldn't worry about loosing fat right now. Try to get your strength, size and weight back to normal. It usually took me like 2 months after the season just to get almost normal with healing my injuries and getting my weight back up and strength. Just start with low to moderate intensity stuff right now and build you fitness base back up. You don't want to feel overtrained anymore. That will lead to a decrease in muscle. You will lean out again.

  5. You are so overtrained at this point that the last thing on my mind would be bodyfat. Let the season end, take a week off after it's over and then work at it like a mad man. The other thing you could do to control it is by eating very clean, which I'm sure can be a pain in the ass with your schedule.



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