i just started using max ot after around 2 years of training. im seeing very good strength gains and some increase in size but the program still hasnt convinced me 100%. the very low reps and lack of some exercises (eg: flyes) dont seem to promote new msucle growth. does anyone have any opinons on this style of training? would you use a modified version of it? or would you disregard it completely?

on another point i currently workout 5 times a week training each muscle group once a week. however i m not sure if this is the optimum amount as it may be too much. would it be better to work out three times a week following a pull/ push system. for example:

day 1: (push) triceps, shoulders, chest

day 2: legs

day 3pull) back, biceps

sorry i know its alot to ask but any advice would be helpful!