I'm finally going to return to lifting. I have not had a hard lift session for 3.5 months since football started. Though this year i ate healthy and kept my weight up at 250 lbs. We lifted 2 days in the morning but that wasnt very beneficial.

Before my training was very much directed towards athleticism with an emphasis on speed and agility. But as i am no longer required to run a 4.9 40, i think im will test out Body building.

Tomorrow I am starting a CKD and have my first day already planned out on FitDay.com

My question is what should i open with.
I think im just going to tear it up with some 20 rep squats and a good leg workout for my first day back. After school im going to do and 8 mile run. my goal is to cut down to a very muscular 220 lbs.