BOBO may be a clown but

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    BOBO may be a clown but

    it was $200 well spent!

    With his nutrition advice, I am the leanest in my life and continue to lean. I am below 10% with abs very visible(fist time to see vasculatiry in the adominal region). ****, I see results daily which makes dieting FUN!

    Bobo kicked conventional "board" wisdom and found the truth.

    Thank you!

  2. Hey USP what program did you try? I been thinking about signing up with BOBO, just need to save me some cash.

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    I can twist a ballon into a horse working on the lion and he sent a nose that honks.

    I used the nutrition since my training is not for bodybuilding but performance. He may have a performance workout but mine is specific.


  4. Sounds good bro...Bobo training was excellent and learned alot and got a lot out of my time working with him.
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    dang man...i am gonna stop coming in this part of the forum cause i get jealous listening to everyone talk about their great results with Bobo.....working 2 freaking jobs 7 days a week and still cant afford it...maybe when the wife graduates school....

  6. hold up! bobo is available for just nutrition?is this true? the only reason i never went to bobo was because i thought u had to follow his training and nutrition.not knocking his training advie just very happy with the way my training is going .would be 10x happy if i could get my diet in check tho

  7. Didn't even see

    Yes I can do JUST a nutrition program but its actually the most expensive part of the program because it is the most time consuming. Most people won't pay $150-200 for just the mealplan, grocery list and macro breakdown.
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