Beowulf's 20lb. Gain Log

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  1. Talking Beowulf's 20lb. Gain Log

    I won't be starting this up until next week b/c I just picked up a few extra shifts at work. I can't wait to get my bulk on, and I plan to continue this for at least 4 months, maybe more .

    My goal for next summer is to hit 195lbs at approximately 7% bf. My current stats (approx.) are in my sig and my avatar.

  2. Well, my life is still in a state of disarray, but I finally pulled it together enough to start the program on Monday, 8/29. In a way, I think the extended rest and relaxation has been good, not that I've just been chillin', but that after 2 years as a full-time student while working near full-time hours, I needed a break. I also needed to catch up with a lot of friends who I had been losing touch with. In the process, I lost some muscle and gained some fat

    Now I'm back to 100% dedication to my bodybuilding goals The first 2 workouts went well, but damn am I weak again already. I'm not sweating it, though. I WILL increase my weights every single workout!

    Starting weight: 176

  3. Good for you bro! I have been back in the gym also, got my motivation back and stronger then ever..

    good luck on getting to your goal!

  4. thanks bro, did you check out my post about the shin thing?

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    thanks bro, did you check out my post about the shin thing?
    Yup thanks.. Leg is actually feeling much better.

    Ill keep an eye on this thread!

  6. +4.5lbs.

    Starting Weight: 176
    Week 1: 180.5 (+4.5)
    Not a bad start

    I didn't even get 100% of the food in this week. I was getting that melting paint thing going so badly that my wife would have divorced me had I kept eating at that rate. As the week progressed, I started dividing the food up into more meals. For example I would split my can of chicken and bagel into 2 meals instead of one, eating them 1.5-2 hours apart. This seemed to help. My workouts have gone great and my strength is steadily improving.

    Unfortunately, I am getting a wee bit ill right now. I think it is at least partially b/c two jackass friends of mine called me at 1:30 and 2 in the morning on Sat. when I had to get up at 7am on Sunday morning. I couldn't go back to sleep and was a zombie all day Sunday. Hopefully it won't really affect training.

    I'm gonna go train back in a few hours. I can't wait
  7. Angry I'm Pissed Off

    On Monday of last week I started to get a bit of a scratchy throat, and I just felt off all day. As the week went on I got worse and worse. By Thursday I could barely eat. I abandon workouts at this point. This was the case for the entire weekend. I tried to drink water, whey and cottage cheese several times per day, but even this was a bitch and a struggle.

    I think I have strep throat, though it is much better today. I was going to go to the Dr. but my insurance ran out on Aug 31, and my new plan hasn't set in yet. I'm going to take today off too, and see how I am tomorrow. If I'm feeling better then I'll start week 2 tomorrow. If not, I might just rest this week too, then get back to the bulk next week.

    ****ing Germs

  8. I've been taking feeling better the last few days, but I'm still taking it easy. this was also my first week at a new school, in a new department, and I had to bartend last night--which made for a 16+ hour workday. But at least I've been able to eat. I also like the fact that my job does allow me a bit more time to fit in meals. I might do a couple of easy workouts this weekend.

    Come Monday--It's on bitches
  9. Up and At 'Em: 180lbs

    Well, yesterday was my first day back on the program, and I was delighted when I stepped on the scale and was holding at 180. I'm sure I was way down in weight after being sick, but I ate more and trained a couple of times last week. I'm back on the program 100% this week, and I'm ready to grow like hell

  10. The ****ing scale at my gym has been removed, so I can't get a weight right now, but the plan is in full swing and it is working

    My wife told me I got "huge" all of a sudden

    And I think I am actually leaning out a wee bit in the ab region. Weights are climbing steadily in the gym, and I am a happy lifter

    If this keeps up I might just have to name my first born Bobo

  11. Good stuff Wulf. Looks like you're doing great! Only 15 more lbs

  12. Quote Originally Posted by Giantz11
    Good stuff Wulf. Looks like you're doing great! Only 15 more lbs

    More like 25 lbs, then dropping some fat. I got really annoyed for a few weeks when everything was going wrong, but I think I'm back on track for good

  13. Pseudo-update: I found a scale at my school, and it says I'm currently weighing in at 185lbs. That would put me up 9lbs in 2.5 weeks. Not too shabby. Of course, I'll have to weight (pun intended ) until next Monday to get an official weight.
  14. I **** You Not...

    ...187 bitches.

    Week 1: 176
    Week 2: 180.5
    Week 3: ?
    Week 4: 187

    My strength has been climbing steadily, and my wife told me I look "huge". I don't think I've gained much fat, if any (other than what I added at the end of the summer ) I am approaching the heaviest I have ever been, so I'm expecting the gains to really plateau in the next week or 2.

    So far, everything is going great. I've been dead on with the diet, and I haven't missed a training session once. I have to go to a wedding out of state this weekend, but I'm going to pack a bunch of meals to take with me. The only adjustment I'll have to make will be hitting bis with either my legs or my arms on Thursday or Friday.

    I moved into a new place a few months ago, and I'm only finally getting internet connection this Friday. Starting next week I will likely be updating much more extensively.

  15. And the gains keep coming

    Week 1: 176
    Week 2: 180.5 (+4.5)
    Week 3: ?
    Week 4: 187(+11)
    Week 5: 189(+13)

    Another great week I ate some unhealthy things over the weekend when out of state at a wedding, but nothing crazy. Just some prime rib and 2 bites of wedding cake. I actually missed a couple of meals, but I came back with a vengance today and had a killer chest workout today

    My strength continues to climb, and the scale keeps creeping northward. I think 190 is the heaviest I have ever been, so I expect the progress to be more difficult from this point onward. I'm hoping to keep training with Bobo until I break the 200 mark.

    Time to eat

  16. Are you taking any "supplements"? 13lbs in 4 weeks is really fast, especially w/o putting on much/if any fat?

  17. I am taking substance WPI and Nectars, Flax Oil, BCAAs w/citruline malate and B6 during workouts (about 30g of BCAA), and my Vitamins/Minerals. Beyond that the only thing I'm taking is Cissus, which is to keep my shoulder healthy. I don't know if the cissus is contributing to the gains or what?

    The only thing I can think of that could possibly explain such rapid gains is the fact that I have been about 190 before. Muscle memory could be responsible for some of the work. Now that I'm back around my peak weight I will be utterly amazed if I continue to gain at the current rate.

    Of course, it could also be that I respond really well to large quantities of clean foods. I've never eaten so much whole food before. My guess is that it is a combination of all of the above factors...and I like it.

    ...oh yeah, one more thing. I meant to ask Bobo about this: I've been taking digestive enzymes b/c I was getting severe, painful gas at the beginning and my wife was ready to evict me. I've been popping one Twinlab Super Enzyme cap with my bigger meals. Is this OK Bobo?

    I can't wait to see what the next week will bring. I won't be dabbling in any "Supplements!" until I hit the 200lb mark.

  18. Yes they are ok.

    Your forgot the fact that you dieted for such a long period of time. You rebound quite fast and the lbs come qcuik at first but tail off as you progress.
    For answers to board issues, read the Suggestion and News forum at the bottom of the main page.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    Yes they are ok.

    Your forgot the fact that you dieted for such a long period of time. You rebound quite fast and the lbs come qcuik at first but tail off as you progress.
    Add that to the list of reasons my weight has been skyrocketing. I gotta get back to my cottage cheese...

  20. Week 6?

  21. Week 1: 176
    Week 2: 180.5 (+4.5)
    Week 3: ?
    Week 4: 187(+11)
    Week 5: 189(+13)
    Week 6: 190.5 (+14.5)

    Things keep running along smoothly. The gains are down to a normal pace now, and I suspect they'll be sticking around a pound a week until I need a tweak. I have increased weight or reps on every exercise all week, which is nice, and I had my first great leg workout in a long, long time. Squats were up 20lbs. I drilled my 72oz water bottle and had to refill it about 1/3. I just jumped up 5lbs on my last set of Arnold's. Good stuff!

  22. Week 1: 176
    Week 2: 180.5 (+4.5)
    Week 3: ?
    Week 4: 187(+11)
    Week 5: 189(+13)
    Week 6: 190.5 (+14.5)
    Week 7: 184

    Let's call week 7 a tentative weigh-in. I think the scale at my gym is ****ed. I'll try to find a scale at school tomorrow, b/c there is no way in hell I dropped 6.5 lbs in a week. Especially considering I went up another 5 lbs in DB Bench today.

  23. Week 1: 176
    Week 2: 180.5 (+4.5)
    Week 3: ?
    Week 4: 187(+11)
    Week 5: 189(+13)
    Week 6: 190.5 (+14.5)
    Week 7: ??????Scale Malfunction @ gym
    Week 8: 194 (+18)

    Well, my 8 weeks with Bobo are up, and I have to say that the muscle gain program was awesome. When I called this the 20lb gain log, I was expecting to work with Bobo for at least 12 weeks. I would love to extend, but my financial situation sucks right now as I'm saving for my wedding in S.America next summer. If I get on top of my finances more in the coming months I would love to hit Bobo up again for another program. I couldn't be happier with the results, and I've learned a tremendous amount from working with Bobo.

    My goal is to reach 200lbs by the New Year, and I am well on my way. I have 8-9 weeks to gain 6lbs.

    I'm going to train 2-3 times with BigPeteFox over Thanksgiving, so that should be fun and help keep me focused on my goal.

    My sincere thanks to Bobo, and the rest of the private clients who have helped out.

  24. Lets see some pics!!

  25. Pics!

    And congrats on a great program! Keep working hard!


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