NEED 5 Testers for USPlabs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beowulf
    Chill the **** out.

    CEOSM, funny little side note: I'm a teacher, and I wrote "Powerfull" on the board several times at school recently, each time spelling it like the supp instead of the adjective "powerfull".
    thats classic

  2. thats funny and thanks for the email usplabs

  3. need any additional volunteers.

    235 lbs
    former bobo client
    33 yrs of age

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    samples shipped today but sorry the canadians volunteers.

  5. Sweet!

  6. beouwulf where are u from

  7. Boston

  8. r u a redsox fan?

  9. Not really a sports fan at all (heresy, I know ).


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