FLA nutrition mass log

  1. FLA nutrition mass log

    Finally starting a mass program after being sick for 2 weeks. I'm 34, 6', 200lbs, probably 14% BF, mesomorph, lifting consistently for last 5 years, and on and off for the last 10. did 1 cycle this past summer of ergomax. other than that, basically natural. ate my first meal this morning, damn it was a lot of food. here are some before pics, sorry the quality is crap.

  2. Best of luck to you.

    You of course are in VERY capable hands. Try as best you can to follow Bobo's advice to a T and have confidence that it will bring about great results.

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  3. Day 2 of my program, and I just had to write in to say that I feel GREAT. Seriously, this diet is awesome. I slept like a baby last night, woke rested, and just had a nice consistent even amount of energy throughout the day. My workouts yesterday and today have felt good, they haven't been overwhelming, or too much. I'm liftin a lot less weight, but I have to in order to time it right.

    OH... and I took measurements this morning:

    arms = 15.5"
    chest = 44"
    waist = 35"
    legs = 23.5"

    > I love the diet. I've got great energy throughout the day, and it hasn't been hard planning, cooking, or staying on it.
    > I had to go to lunch one day last week, so one of my meals wasn't on the plan. I tried to be good, but ended up having a "papusa", which is a tortilla filled with melted cheese. Other than that, i've been pretty much perfect.

    > I've been lifting a lot less weight, the time under tension has taken a little getting used to, but I'm quickly becoming accustomed to it.
    > It's mostly gone perfectly, but I had a few blips: I couldn't do lunges with any weight other than the bar on the first set, and then nothing on the next sets. My legs were wiped from squats and my knees really hate lunges. I tried my best.
    > I underguessed weights a few times and didn't feel like i worked hard, and then other times, over guessed, and couldn't finish off the sets. I think this will get better with time. I'm really trying to focus on form and timing.

    > N'Gorge (NO2 and CEE), Body Octane, multivitamin, extra Emergen-C (vitamin C)
    > Redline before I lift (hope this isn't out of bounds Bobo, I know I said I wasn't taking stimulants, but these have been really good for energy before the gym)

    > plenty of sleep, almost 8 hours a night, and naps on the weekend.

    > weighing in around 204, started around 201. I think this is mostly my body getting back to normal after being sick for 2 weeks.

    > Chest 45"
    > Arms 15 5/8th
    > Legs 24"
    > waist 35.5"

    Again, I think some of this is me getting back to normal, but a big part of it is also about the training program.

    Here are some pictures.

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  5. so, first off, i gotta get better pics. i'll work on that.

    this sunday will be week 4, half way mark. i feel great on the diet, and have followed it religiously, except for a few meals that i had to have out. my friend got married last weekend, so i had the meal at the reception and also had the cake. i've had two other meals out that i just had to have, people going away for months, reunions, etc. i tried to be good there, but clearly i dont know how many calories i ate.

    workouts have been great, in that i dont feel any injury. normally if i'm lifting 5 days out of the week, my joints or muscles or something starts feeling funky. it has to be the super slow lifting. i'm lifting much lower weights than i used to, but i am getting great workouts in. it feels good.

    so, here are the stats:

    this week weighed in at 206.8 pretty much everyday.

    > Chest 45.5"
    > Arms 15 7/8th
    > Legs 24"
    > waist 35.5"

  6. hi everybody.

    last week of my routine. been weighing in around 209-211 depending. measurements are as follows:

    c: 46
    w: 36
    a: 16.25
    q: 24.5

    thanksgiving i was a pig, and have been mostly good, but still not perfect in the diet department. workouts have all been great. have gone up in weight in many of my exercises, the others, i've maintained.

    i'm thinking i need to lean up now, so want to talk to bobo about what's next for me. would like to go month to month, and figure out a good routine/diet to lean out some. i feel a little puffy, i'm thinking it's from the N'gorge or glutamine?

    altho i want to continue, i can't not go out to dinner with friends, this is an important part of my life. so i wonder how others are dealing with this, or what you think bobo of me continuing yet still leaving some flexibility or giving me some ideas on what i can eat when i go out?

  7. hey Bobo... sent you a private email with the same questions, would love some feedback. thanks.

  8. Have no PM from you. I will send you an email.
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  9. Nice work bro.

    I definitely see added bulk to the chest shoulders and arms.

    Way to go.

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  10. Broke it down.

    Before, After. Looks more pumped and thicker in after. Not bad for 7 weeks.
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  11. thanks. i'm just happy that i've broken out of my plateau. it's nice to see progress. i'm goin to try to keep going!

  12. You definately added size my friend!

    I have a question bobo. If one were to want to say cut or maybe bulk, but use Legal anabolics or say , in ones fictitious world illegal anabolics, do you do that as well?
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  13. What you use is your choice and is considered when planning your diet/training but I can't recommend or advise on anything of that sort at all.
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  14. Nice Work... put on some quality LBM.. Arms are definately noticable

  15. Nice job. Comparing those front-on shots side by side, I can see nice improvement in chest, delts, upper arms, and traps.


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