what 2 do with my training?

  1. what 2 do with my training?

    right i got an aprentership in carpentry and i have 2 change my training now i can only train 3 times a week,
    tuesday, thursday, and saturday, now some 1 els said as im train on ly 3 times a week it would be better 2 be doing a full body work out for each of thoughs days, for example large musle groups 4 sets small ones 2 sets. example of 1 of the full body work outas i could do would be ,

    leg press


    chest dip

    hammer curl


    now just wonderd wot you all think about this way of training or shall i stick 2 a 3 day split like i normaly have always done? and if so how shall i split it?

  2. Wow, work on the grammar and then maybe somebody will get back to you.

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