who's the training guru at aminds and can he help me?

  1. who's the training guru at aminds and can he help me?

    hey guys, starting a cutter here soon, and looking for the best possible routine to follow while cutting. i know i have a similar post like this but i wasn't very clear about where i was wanting to go. this is not going to be a "traditional" cutter, i.e. using clen, t3, dropping cals, contest type cutter. it is more of getting a lean look, cut look. i would actually like to gain ten to fifteen pounds on this one. was going to up the prop for the first two weeks and throw in 350mg a week of androgel to maybe bulk up the first couple of weeks and use the mast and winny to cut it, while still taking prop. is this a bad idea? it just falls under the category of non tradional cutter. my goals here are to still put on some size, but have that size be lean gains with some cuts and vascularity with moderate strenght gains. so i was wondering if there was a training specialist on this site that i could maybe pm that could put somthing together for me. i've read tons of routines on cutting but as this is somewhat not a normal cutter they don't really apply. thanks and sorry for the somewhat repost. this will be the cycle by the way, and these are the stats.

    6'2 228 11-12 bf, one bulker under the belt.

    Wk 1-8 150mg prop e.o.d for one injection every other week will shoot 100 mg to get 500mg per week. First two weeks adding 350-400mg of androgel a week.

    Wk 1-8 100mg masteron e.o.d. for one injection every other week will shoot 150mg masteron to get 375mg a week

    Wk 3-8 50mg winstrol e.d.

    Wk 9-11 pct nolvadex 40,40,30, 4-5 grams trib e.d.

  2. BOBO! He is the owner of this site and the nutritionist. Go to the FLA nutrition link at thetop of the page.

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