Thumbs up for FLA

  1. Thumbs up for FLA

    Going over my muscle building program. Great service and good contact via e-mail. I don't think I have time to start a log and all that, but I will post results from week to week.

  2. Well, first 2 weeks down on my muscle building plan. Can't complain except for the the taste of some of the food. Training is awesome and I get a good deep burn from the routine I am on. The first week I could not work out that much, Hurricane O shut down the gym for 3 days, then I got sick from being in the house for those days. I dropped 4lbs. from being sick, and since having a good solid week of training under my belt I am up 6lbs.

    Really enjoying the meal plan, it is very conveinent and my wife likes it because she doesn't have to clean that many dishes. I am not much of a poster on my own log, but I will try to get one in every week or two.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing the updates. Keep workin' hard!

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