shoulder injury

  1. shoulder injury

    hey everyone, quick question. I'm 23 and lift 5-6 days a week fairly heavy. currently about 6'2 220. a few years back i seperated my shoulder playin lacrosse and possibly damaged the rotater cuff. doctor didnt do sh*t, just gave me some t-3s and sent me on my way. so problem is now when im doin any kind of heavy presses for my chest my right shoulder always lifts off the bench and the front delt and tri do all the work. im starting to notice that my chest is growing uneven do to this. any suggestions? its driving me crazy, especially since my chest is my weakest area. im startin to do more decline which helps a bit, but any advice would be greatly appreciated

  2. 1. A good physical therapist
    2. An ART practioner for soft tissue work
    3. Only use dumbells and hammer equipment for your chest work

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