Bobo's vs Swolecat's programs

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Bobo
    The hardest part is sticking to it and that is more your own discipline than the complexity of the plan.

    There are no magic beans, magic exercises, magic programs but when you have a sold foundation for all of them it sure can seem like magic.
    I'm a good example of that. I've let my job get in the way too many times.

  2. Whoa Bobo's is $250??? It says $300 on the site... i'll be damned

  3. Quote Originally Posted by bda55
    Do you take foreign clients as well, Bobo? I was wondering because it seems to me telephone costs would be a bit high, or do you communicate mainly through mail?
    I am, soon, to be starting his program training and nutritional programs - August 15th or 14th.

    I'm in Canada.

    Just to let you know.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by AldrichAStern
    Whoa Bobo's is $250??? It says $300 on the site... i'll be damned
    Depends on the program.

  5. Maybe Bobo and Swolecat can get together and combine their programs and call it: "The BobCat Training Method".

  6. I'd be hesitant of going with SwoleCat at this time and at least in the immediate future because he is now a sponser at John Stone Forums, which has quite lot of members that are intent on signing up. He said he has ~20 or so members prior to the sponsership and no plans on restricting clients (he said he limited it to a little over 20 because of time constraints, which he no longer has). I don't know of Bobo's specific # of clients and his cut-off, but he does have a cut off, which I'd think very important for quality communication.

    While I'm not in the market for receiving online training, I think Bobo is the only one I'd go with. I'm not rich enough to go with Berardi, and I don't see any food voodoo science from Bobo (food combining), Likness is cool but I don't need a trainer-slash-life coach, and Lyle McDonald won't accept clients (he says it's too much of a hassle).

  7. I think I'm going to hit up Bobo when I decide to cut for next summer. I've never been able to drop below a certain point on my own... so I need help on that front. Be watching for me Bobo


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