Bobo, my back is killing me!

  1. Bobo, my back is killing me!

    last nite i got a sharp pain in my back, to put it in context, here is what i have been doing and how my last few workouts went...

    i have been borderline overtraining bc after a year of law school, i had to get back into shape for at least the last month of summer. i take no days off but my split is only one body part per day and i only work every body part every 6 days. i did back on thursday and i made the mistake of not adequately warmed up (i ran into one of my cousins at the and was distracted and although i did ten minutes of cardio, i only did one warm up set of dumbell rows before i did 4 sets with drop sets on the last two). also, i went heavier than i have in a while.

    the day after i lifted back, i noticed all day that my right side was more sore than the left. then i felt what i thought was a knot in m back and i asked my girl to massage it for me. after about 20 secs of massaging it, it was excruciating and i have been in pain since.

    there is no mark on the skin where it hurts and it is a kinda overall dull pain (not really bothersome but noticeable) but there is one particular spot where it hurts to touch which appears to be where the rhomboids meets the traps. it would make sense it is the rhomboids bc i lifted dumbell rows. however, i lifted boulders the day before back and i may have done "something" to my traps indirectly bc they are very weak and never get worked directly (i have done shrugs about six times in my life, and EVERY TIME i woke up the next morning with a very stiff neck so now i dont bother).

    could this be a pull, a nerve problem, a partial tear? with what little knowledge i have having never injured anything besides my rotator cuff, the only thing i can rule out is a full tear bc i am not in that much pain. it hurt bad after my girl massaged it but i took some naproxen and used a heating pad and it felt 80% better. is this an issue i should go to the doc about? how much rest is needed? can i still lift bi's and other muscle groups that do not use the back directly or would it prevent the injury from healing?

  2. Sounds like a muscle pull. If if was a disk problem (herniated or ruptured) you would know it. Same goes for any nerve issue.

    I would lay low for a while, use the heating pad and see what happens. Other than that, the doctor is the only alternative if you want an exact answer.
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