Good full body workout?

  1. Good full body workout?

    Hey guys I was just wanted to get some opinions on this workout. I just completed the first week and I think it went pretty good. They were some killer workouts though, I have to get used to the length. The first two days I was getting sick by the end of the workout but friday went a lot better.

    What I am looking for----
    Functional Strength
    Get lean
    I am clean bulking

    Whey protein (dymatize elite whey)
    Cassein protein(muscle milk)
    Multivitamin(Life essence)
    Efa's(Fish and flax)
    will start the following next week---
    Body octane
    Leptigen Mass

    Flat Barbell Bench
    T-bar Row(Wide Grip)
    Sitting barbell shoulder press
    Weighted Crunches

    Dumbell flat bench
    Front Squat
    Wide Grip pull downs(Lat pulldowns)
    Sitting dumbell shoulder press
    Hanging leg raises

    unsure maybe weighted dips
    Wide grip pullups or deadlifts(probably deadlifts)
    Standing Barbell shoulder press
    some type of ab exercise

    Week 1 - 2x10
    Week 2 - 3x8
    Week 3 - 4x6
    Week 4 - 6x4
    Week 5 - 2x10

    Well any opinions on how this looks would be great... Thanks!

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  3. I'm not an expert by any means...

    But why are you hitting chest/legs/back/shoulders at just about every workout? (probably cause your looking for a full body workout? but why?)

    Seems to me your not doing enough to hit any perticular muscle group at one time. And by doing it almost every other day, your really throwing out the concept of rest = recovery = growth. Then again, you probably aren't taxing any perticular muscle enough to warrent much growth in the first place.

    And what about biceps? and triceps? They are part of your body too.

    Just my 2 cents.
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