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  1. Question For Bobo - A good idea

    Bobo -
    I see a lot of people (like me) who ask about your services and how effective they are.
    I think maybe it would be good to put up a sticky of all the before and after pictures and logs in
    one place so you can direct people to that.
    Just an idea, don't know if this violates any rules in the forum.

  2. That'd be cool. Even minus the pictures, having all the stats gathered in one place for people to look over would certainly help and be a great advertisment.

  3. No it doesn't break any rules but it would be up to the individual people about the posts..

  4. I agree i see diet pics on different logs but not to many bulking pics.

  5. Im currently bulking with Bobo and I will be posting my before/after pics once the program is up.

    Who knows, I may run another bulker after this one, and save the after pic for that cycle

  6. This is a good idea I think. I'm on of the skeptics, so this will help weight more in favor FOR Bobo's programs.

  7. Here are a couple before and after results but I can't post pics because that is up to that person.

    Client 1

    Waist measurement

    Start May 12-182.8------33.5
    ------May 19-188.6------33.5
    ------May 26-189.8------33.5
    ------Jun 02-191.4------33.5
    ------Jun 09-190.4------33.5
    ------Jun 15-189.4------33.0
    ------Jun 22-193.8------33.0
    ------Jun 30-194.2------33.5
    ------Jul 07-196.4------34.0
    ------Jul 14-197.8------34.0
    ------Jul 20-199.0------34.0

    Before weight 182.

    After 202.

    Client 2

    Weight: 151.0 lbs.
    Iliac Crest: 7.0 mm - 10%-11% BF
    Waist: 30 3/4"
    Chest: 42"
    Upper Arm: 14 5/8"
    Thigh: 20 3/4"
    Calf 14 5/8"
    Start: 151.0 lbs
    Week 1: 152.0 lbs
    Week 2: 152.6 lbs
    Week 3: 154.0 lbs
    Week 4: 155.2 lbs
    Week 5: 156.0 lbs
    Week 6: 160.2 lbs
    Week 7: 161.8 lbs

    Client 3

    Before: Right now I am 5'9" and this morning weighed in at 186lbs at the gym.

    After: Havent updated in a while but things have been going good. I am up to 198 and my lifts have been going up almost every workout.

    Client 4

    Weighed in today at 191 again.

    Start: 180
    Week 1: 183
    Week 2: 185
    Week 3: 190
    Week 4: 189
    Week 5: 191
    Week 6: 191
    Week 7: 191

    For every bulking program, there are probably 5 cutting programs.
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  8. Another Bulker just finished

    "And the final weigh in is......208lbs!

    So, I gained 8lbs in 8 weeks with Bobo, and I couldn't be more happy

    My digi is giving me trouble and wont let me transfer my pics off of it, but once I get it fixed, the before / after pics will go up.

    I have decided to continue my bulk though. Try and get up to 220 naturally and then possibly, sign up for a cutter with Bobo His muscle building plan worked so well for me that I figured I should take advantage of his services for when I run my cutter.

    Here is a brief breakdown of my progress over the past eight weeks:"

    Week 1: 200......34" waist
    Week 2: 201.8....34"
    Week 3: 202.8....34"
    Week 4: 205.2....34"
    Week 5: 205.5....34"
    Week 6: 206.4....34"
    Week 7: 206.4....34"
    Week 8: 208.......34"
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  9. I'm on the program right now, a little over half way through, and I was up about 8 lbs without any increase in waist fact, it was down maybe 1/4" and I definitely was more vascular than in the beginning.

    (weigh-ins at night in the gym.)
    First weigh-in: 5'10ish, 231lbs 37-37.25" waist.
    Last good weigh in (before I got sick): 239 37" waist, even.

    Almost all measurements were up, too, as well as strength.

    However, I'm playing cath up b/c I've been sick and haven't been eating for almost week

    Sorry, no photos....but the g/f is pretty happy with the results

  10. Another one:

    Week 1: 176
    Week 2: 180.5 (+4.5)
    Week 3: ?
    Week 4: 187(+11)
    Week 5: 189(+13)
    Week 6: 190.5 (+14.5)
    Week 7: ??????Scale Malfunction @ gym
    Week 8: 194 (+18)
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