For the exercise science majors out there I was wondering what causes someone to have a severe lack of flexibility? Ok I know some smart ass is going to say stretch so I will save you some time If my father was a telephone poll and my mother was a 2 x4 the end product would be me. I've had this problem since childhood long before I ever touched a weight.

I'm guessing that muscle insertion as well as length of the muscle has a lot to do with flexibility. Maybe I'm far off.

Can someone help me understand? I've tried google and havent found what I was looking for.

I've hurt my lower back pretty bad and out of work. There is a good chance I have a hernniated disc. I'm going to my chiro / art doctor. My chiropractor said he's never seen someone with as tight of hip flexors and quasds as mine in his life. I'm only 29 yrs old. WTF ???

I've never seen any results from stretching except for momentary times when I've done PNF stretching.