Chest will not grow!

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  1. Dungeon:

    I fortunate to have a weight assist chinup and dip machine at the gym. My back workouts have been getting better since. I am staying away from the one arm dumbell rows for now until my lower back is doing better. I have been using hammer machines instead. I have been concentrating on wide grips for everything lately. What are you doing for thickness?

  2. Basically when you pull a weight from overhead with a medium to wide grip the bulk of the movement is stimulating muscles that are responsible for widening. Conversly when you pull a weight in toward your stomach from a bent over position or seated it works toward thickness. My favorite is HEAVY one arm dumbells. I will usually set up a back workout like this:

    Weighted chins
    body weight +25lb/45lb/90lb/90lb
    1 set of hanging chins till nausea

    4 sets of One arm db rows
    HEAVY usually up to 2 sets of 120lbs (they are the biggest db's in the gym )

    Seated overhead cable pulls
    These are cool, you sit on a bench below the high cable pulley with a D-handle in each hand (think crucifix), as you pull the weight down and back rotate your wrists from pronated to supinated.
    4 sets (pin weight to the rack)

    Dorian style bent rows. 4 sets as heavy as I can go without bouncing the weight.

    Seated one arm cable pulls/Reverse close grip chins. 4 sets in superset fashion with high reps/moderate weight. When I finish puking, I drive home slowly.

    You can sub in T-bar rows for the DB rows. And i personally think that the Dip/chin assist machines are good, but they deemphasise the hardest part of the lift: stabilization. Try to work up to free-swinging bodyweight stuff.

    Sorry for highjacking!


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