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  1. Exclamation For Bobo

    Are you accepting clients right now ? I entered my information at your site a few days ago
    and haven't heard anything back. What's going on ?
    I have seen the difference you can make with people and before spending a lot of money on
    extravagant supplements, I would like to try it your way.
    Please get back to me soon.


  2. I think as long as this sticky:
    is up he isn't accepting. I don't know how you go about getting in line.

  3. Yes but that stickie is from March and he said it would only be a week.

    It's not a huge deal as I would probably rather wait until August, I'm just surprised
    no one has contacted me yet.

    How would one go about getting onto his wait list if there is one ?

    Beowulf - have you used his services ? If so, how were your results ?

  4. He had posted this message in the clients section:

    "I will not be around much at all this week.
    Due to moving and limited internet access I will not be able to respond that fast. Please be patient as this doesn't happen everyday but there is nothing I can do about it but get it done as fast as I can."

    I signed up with him last week and start on july 3rd. he took me on pretty fast.

  5. Yeep he's probably more busy this week then he has ever been in his whole entire life. I'm sure he will get to you as soon as he can.


  6. OK thanks guys


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