Ok Bobo, I'll put you to the test...help me with calves and biceps.

  1. Ok Bobo, I'll put you to the test...help me with calves and biceps.


    I was thinking about our isolation vs. compound movement discussion over the past couple days. One place that I think isolation work could help dramatically is calves (especially if they are genetically very small). I would love to put a good amount of size on my calves as I believe I have the worst calves in history. Additionally, I'd like to see what suggestions you could give for my biceps - wouldn't mind having those a bit bigger as well.

    To show you how out of proportion my calves are, my thighs are 29" (and lean) and my calves are about 16.5". My arms are about 18.5". (All measurments are cold). I have pretty large triceps, but not overly large biceps and very rarely work them directly beyond a set or two of barbell or preacher curls and a set or two of hammer curls - these are just for injury prevention.

    So, if it wouldn't trouble you too much I'd like to see what you can do for calves and biceps. I'll follow your training advice to a tee including working them as often as you want me to and using whatever exercises you deem necessary. (Of course, I'll continue with my regular strongman training and can post my split if need be).

    I am not cutting or anything right now - I eat relatively clean and attempt to get 300+g of protein everyday.

    I'll post pics of myself next so you can get an idea of what I'm talking about.

    The first pic is me from last fall at about 250lbs. The next three are from this past weekend at about 265lbs.


    ps - I have my own home gym where I have nice standing calf raise machine, though I haven't used it much due to shin splints from strongman training, although those are now cleared up. I also am a member of a commercial gym, though I typically only train there once per week, but can add more for the calf and bicep work if need be.
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  2. I seriously doubt you can count on this info for free.

  3. Surely not CrownedOne. I wasn't asking for a full program or a nutritional plan or anything, just a simple calf and bicep program.


  4. I don't do simple calf and bicep programs and it would be a sure way to piss off the clients I already have that paid for a service.
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