What are your thoughts ? Program for Competively Surfer

  1. What are your thoughts ? Program for Competively Surfer

    So guys here’s the deal I used to be a power lifter two years ago and I weighed 220 I quit lifting so I could pursue surfing more competively etc and now I weigh 162 and am around 10 % body fat

    I’ve been eating in calorie deficit since November and feel so good this is the thinnest I have ever been I’ve had other periods of calorie deficits in the last two years also but have not lifted at all since I quit two years ago but I also have high demand job breaking down pallets at night for Trader Joe’s

    Basically I want to lose more fat but am worried if I start lifting again that I will not surf as much and start worrying about bodybuilding again and I don’t want lifting to get in the way of my surf performance either but also would love to get down to 7-8% body fat not sure if I could do this just surfing and eating at a calorie deficit without losing muscle also ya know ?

    What should I do guys this dilemma has been in my head for a year ?


  2. Dude just lift heavy 1-2 times a week. 30 min session. It will greatly help your surfing. You won’t bulk if you keep your food clean.

  3. Also make sure you’re doing explosive and slow tempo. This will help both fast/slow twitch fibers wich will help with surfing. Also, band and balance movements. So like single leg stuff would be awesome

  4. Sick okay I will do that

  5. I’m not worried about bulking because I eat very very very clean however worried I might start obsess about lifting again and / or it will make me sore where I can’t surf as well


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