Free wights vs machine

  1. Free wights vs machine

    Will machine weights build as much muscle as free weights, should i incorporate them into my lifting as a beginner or should i stick to my compound. Movement free weights

  2. Nothing wrong with working some assistance machine work in. Definitely focus on the free weight compound movements but machines certainly have their place when used in conjunction with the free weights. What does your training split look like?
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  3. What are the exercises which you were planning to replace Free Weights with Machine Weights?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post
    Will machine weights build as much muscle as free weights, should i incorporate them into my lifting as a beginner or should i stick to my compound. Movement free weights
    I use both. Machines have controlls, so youre not using some of your muscle angles, and or balancing muscles.
    But they can also help you do the movement the correct way.

    I find, for me personally, that if im working through an injury or trying to go to failure without a spot, its best to use machines.

    Also you have the tention. Pick up a dumbell and curl it. Then walk over to a cable machine and get close to the ground in a sprinting pose and curl.

    Youll probably notice that you have more constant tention on the muscle. Thats a good thing, you have better stretching and contracting.

    I feel like im not making the most out of it unless i do both.

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  6. Shoulder press and incline chess press

  7. Quote Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post
    Shoulder press and incline chess press
    I wouldn't worry much about replacing these with machine. I have done both with Machine and honestly found it harder to push through. lol

  8. Lol, ok

  9. Quote Originally Posted by Big Bird View Post
    Lol, ok
    Your body is going to respond different than anyone elses. The best thing you can do is try ot out on its own and see how it works and how and where you feet it.

    I only do shoulder press with dumbells, but know many peolpe that cant get much out of it with free weight.

    There is a wrong eay to do everything, but it will be different from you or me.

  10. Ok, thanks

  11. when I first started lifting I used the smith machine for squats and when you do normal squats in a cage it's a completely different animal... but the smith machine and other machines is where I started and got the basic feel for the weights and worked my way into the free weights...

  12. So you like free weights better?

  13. I do since it makes me bring in other muscles that makes me stabilize the weight... but like mentioned above they both machine and free weights serve their purpose in variations I beleive.... also like for instance when I would do smith machine military press or flat bench press it would aggrevate my shoulder more because of the fixed range of motion.... but I have shoulder problems anyways so I usually just use dumbbells and my shoulder really appreciate when I do...

  14. They are both beneficial. I like free weights for my heavier lifts and also for compounds. Machines are great as well. One can increase time under tension with machines easier than with free weights. Also, depending on the machine, think cable curls, the muscle is always going to be under some type of tension. Also, free weights are great for intensity techniques such as drop sets, contracted holds, rest pause, etc. Sure, one can do rest pause with free weights, but if one does not have a spotter, machines would be safer.

    Short answer, use both.
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  15. Thanks for the info

  16. Key words in the OP are "as a beginner." I would highly recommend finding a program and following that...most likely the majority of it will be free weight work. You don't have enough experience to be programming your own training right now, and if you try to write your own stuff, it'll probably make for slower progression. Anyway, that program will already have exercises (free weights vs machines) specified.

    Once you have more experience and know enough to be swapping around exercises in existing training plans and/or doing your own programming, I like using a combination of both. But haphazardly throwing free weight or machine exercises into your training with no reason behind it isn't going to make for optimal progress or results.
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  17. Free wights vs machine

    Both are good like everyone has said. For me, I see most muscle growth from dumbbell while performing drop sets/rest pause with barbell and machines. I also like to use various grips on machines. But free weights just require more from you. You have to balance it and have it under control. If you donít have a spotter, use the smith if need be.

    Btw, not all smith machines are created equal even though they look the same.

  18. Quote Originally Posted by nicksox15 View Post
    Definitely focus on the free weight compound movements but machines certainly have their place when used in conjunction with the free weights.

    free weights , especially those used with compound exercise movements are going to typically better at increasing muscle mass. Machines can provide some people with superior gains over free weights simply because with machines, its more difficult to perform exercises in bad form. Good form can greatly impact how your muscles activate, therefore effect the rate at which you put on mass. I tend to activate better with a smith machine for my back squats vs when I free weight back squat. What works for some people doesn't work for everyone. You can feel it when something works for you though. Don't be afraid to experiment or get professional training to help with good form.
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  20. I like doing drop sets on the machine chest press and shoulder press at the end of chest and shoulder days.

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