Low reps on machine- changing it up

  1. Low reps on machine- changing it up

    So, probably like most of you, Iíve (typically) always done low rep high weight on compound lifts and lighter weight/higher reps with super sets/negatives on machines. Well, recently Iíve been flipping those two around and Iím really enjoying it. Totally different feel, allows me to get back to the basics of proper form and really feeling the muscle work with increased time under tension. Any of you guys do this?
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  2. Never tried

  3. I switch it up once a month

  4. I've tried it on a few occasions, mostly to still work heavy, but working around injuries and such. I find it equally effective as a direct stimulant to the muscle as it allows you to focus on the weight and less on form for the heavy stuff (and vice versa for the high reps on free weights). The one thing you do lose is some of the stabilizer/core work that you get with more heavy free weight work, but IMO its worth it especially when trying to train a lift, but work around "something",typically a pain/injury.
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  5. I too have mixed it up on occasion just for if anything else change of pace.
    *** I think the thing to remember is, on machines, since the bar path is fixed, you can have the ability to wiggle or squirm under the load without loss of weight/bar balance when reps get really tough. This can be a bit dangerous if you torque, or bend in ways that your natural body does not, taking on those heavy loads.

  6. I've actually always done the opposite, focusing on heavy low rep work with BBs and applied high rep work with machines. In part because when I get into high reps and fatigue sets in, form suffers and the machines help reduce risk of injury or other. Been doing this for 20+ years.

    Lately, I have been going against what I have always believed and have found that I may have allowed my ego to get in the way for far too long. Meaning, that I have been incorporating machine work much more than ever before and I have found my strength has gone up with no decrease in any asthetics. Now, this could very well be due to my 20-25 years of big compound work with BBs creating a solid base- I don't know. But, I am enjoying the change for now.

  7. I will use machines and stick to lower reps from time to time, but depending on the machine, a preacher machine curl or seated side delt raise, I would opt to not go lower than 8 reps, maybe 6 at the absolute heaviest. Reason being, I think that may put too much wear and tear on those smaller muscles, tendons, and ligaments. I'm sure if one does not make a habit out of it, it would be a non-issue, but it would be something to keep in mind.
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