Deadlifts (Scrap or Keep?)

  1. Deadlifts (Scrap or Keep?)

    Hi, I'm seriously drained after 2/3 sets of Deadlifts and wondering if I should keep them in my program or ditch them. 2 reasons:
    A). I'm finding it hard to go to muscular failure without feeling like I'm going to pass the **** out! And
    B). I feel like I'm draining all my energy for the rest of my back day exercises which are (after Deadlifts): T-Bar Rows, Dumbbell Rows, Machine Rows, Pull Ups, Lat Pull downs then normaly just burn the biceps out with machine curls (I do have a Arm day).

    So, not sure whether to ditch the deads until my fitness levels get better or stick to almost collapsing rite there in the gym. Like, are those 5/6 exercises I mentioned @ 3 sets each enough to suffice without the deads? Anyone else feel like there about to fall over after a heavy set of deads?
    And bair in mind I'm a fast grower BUT my back thickness doesn't seem to be keeping up with my Legs Chest Delts and Arms, My back seems wide but flat as ****, it's pissing me off haha. I would just "See what works for me" but I got 8 weeks till I start a cut for my holiday, just want a little more thickness in mid/upper back.... Any feedback will do thanks.

  2. Your not going to see that kind of an adaptation in 8 weeks anyway. Keep the DLs. They shouldnt be done to failure anyway and build up your volume over time. Deadlifts take alot of work but the rewards are just too numerous to avoid. There are other accessory lifts you can add in but dont stop just because its hard.

    Deadlifting volume is one thing that separates the boys from the men. Stick it out if you want to be Above average.
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  3. Why can't you dedicate a deadlift day by itself?

  4. As stated above, do not take dead to failure. It also appears you are doing too much. Do rack pulls from the knees, weighted parallel grip pull ups, and a row variation. 3 sets of each.

  5. When you do them are you holding your breath at all?
    How tall are you?
    Agree with others not to do them to failure. This is a large systemic exercise. It works a large portion of the body's mass at once. glutes, hams, some quad, low back, erectors & upper back more statically (but still worked), grip, the heart and lungs also get quite taxed.
    Just off the top of my head, there are a few programs out there, that after a few light warmup sets, one only does one set of deads once per week and no, not all out. Just a manageable weight for maybe 5-8 reps, adding slowly over a looooong cycle.
    It sounds a little like you want it fast. (like many of us do, lol) but the bigger the exercise, the more patient and more room to move on large exercises.

    And yes, many opt to not do them, just like squatting. I am biased, since I am built for this exercise and I love doing it and squats, but I can see and understand, that some of these lifts, are just not for everybody.

  6. Agree with others if it's only muscle fatigue you are experiencing and you are recuperating/getting stronger continue on with them. Yes the deadlift is more taxing than squats and that's because they are just that "dead" lifts. Zero elastic energy to break away from the floor (unless you bounce reps) unlike squats so very taxing on the CNS. Squats to full depth ,that is calves to hamstrings for me have a direct carry over to the deadlift with an equal part increase. Either movement will add thickness to the back. I'm definitely built for squats though.

  7. Everyone kinda of said it already. You can only go up from here right? In my mind the deadlift is the main focus of your day, and everything else is a supplement. Are you working off of percentages or are you just going balls out? I can deadlift 370 pounds with a little gas left for example, but my actual deadlift day doesn't come close to that. Here is a sample. Keep in mind I keep the assistance and other back work down because I do a high intensity circuit on Saturday's that involve rows and high rep trap bar deadlifts too so I come into monday feeling a little beat up sometimes.

    Warm Up
    120 x5
    155 x5
    185 x5

    Main Sets
    215 x3
    245 x3
    275 x5

    Boring But Big Sets
    170 x10
    170 x10
    170 x10
    170 x10
    170 x10

    I don't come close to touching what I can do, but because the training max is increasing every month I am still seeing the 1RM jump up as well. I can feel pretty gassed myself but if you allow yourself the proper rest period you should be fine.

  8. Most people have one deadlift grinder to failure. That's it, after that you're done deadlifting for the week. Plan your sets better.

    Why so many accessory exercises when you're exhausted after deadlifting? Deadlifts will help with back thickness. Beyond that, do a little bit less accessory work afterward, and then have a separate dedicated back day (put it instead of arm day which is a mostly redundant day for a lot of people...arms get hit pretty much every day as secondary movers anyway).
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