Gift For The Woman

  1. Gift For The Woman

    I know you get hella posts like this, but here goes one more. I know you have great results with males... proof are the logs here. How do your female clients work out? Me and the womans 2 year is coming up, and I was going to get her you deluxe weight loss package for her. She just wants to shed about 10/15lbs of fat. She is dedicated in the gym, and eats nothing but vegi's, but doesnt go anywhere. You were the first person I thought of. She can use some PROPER nutrition guidelines.

    So how do the women on your program average???



  2. total bump on this.....I was about to ask bobo the same question only its my girls b-day coming up

  3. I think he actually does his girls programs for her comps.

  4. Yeah... Id love to show her a woman bobo trained.


  5. I have plenty of success training women. What do they usually do? Lose fat, build muscle.
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  6. his program is working well for my wife and she has the disadvantage of hypothyroidism.


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